Do you think my cat has a bad thyroid or what?


Your cat is overweight. Period.

Put them on a diet, buy a leash, and start taking them for walks.


i closed the last one for fighting. Don’t do it again or this one gets closed.

She’s so cute though


You need an automatic cat feeder. Something with portion control.

Maybe this?

If you keep feeding her every time she meows for food, she’s going to become a chonker.

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Then what’s the point in making this thread …


So are you though …

Give your cat a little less food for a while and then a little less again and so on until your cat is a healthy weight. It will take a while, but your cat will live longer if you do it. Your cat is unhealthy right now. And I know you love her, and want to be with her as long as possible so it’s really important to take care of her health

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Do u feed her more than three bowls per day?
She looks morbidly obese. Pretty dangerous

I think she has a thyroid problem because her limbs aren’t fat. She eats three times a day and a small portion. We’ve tried every diet food you can think of.


Then she needs bloodwork at the vet

Ah man that sucks
Hopefully ull find the answers.

She really needs to lose weight.

I wonder if the vet can do anything if it’s low thyroid

Guess she doesn’t forget to skip leg day.

Cat limbs don’t get fat.

Like, google search “fat cat” and see all the chonkers with bony limbs.

Hope she’s not getting food elsewhere
Maybe she is.

Some people like feeding cats

What the hell is a chonker ?

That term made my day today.

Chonkers… Lol.

I think I’m a Chonker atm

Uh, sure. The last time I took my cat out in a harness for a walk I wound up dragging her behind me on her side across the lawn while she screamed loudly. Easier said than done, d00d.


I’m literally crying right now.



:sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:


In all honesty, your precious kitty is on the heavy side.

Sounds like you’re taking active steps with portion control, though.

Do you feed her any treats or wet food? Are you measuring her food intake with a measuring cup?

Discuss it with your cats vet.
He or she can place your cat on a special diet.

Yes your cat is grossly overweight.