Do you think my cat can tell I'm leaving soon?

Supposedly cats pick up on habits really intuitively. I brought my birds over and I’m staying at my parents house the last 3 days I’m here…he’s been super affectionate and sleeps with me…he never sleeps with me. Do you think that sixth sense is working??? Or just I’m reading between the lines… He looks so adorable sleeping down here rn, gonna miss him :crying_cat_face:


My cats can definitely tell, especially Claude. She will try to climb into my suitcases before I even get them out of the closet. She gets very upset.

It’s quite possible that Geno knows something’s up.


My dog always knows when I’m planning to leave for a while, and he pouts furiously. He has a tendency to steal my left shoe and hide it, so I can’t get out the door on time. Always the left one, no idea why.


Oh yeah we’ve been in the process of packing too so he sees that. He sees me more than usual! Animals are smart !


My cat reacts off my every mood. My husband even remarks at how “plugged-in” the cat is to me. Your cat has a lot of clues right now, but mostly feels your energy. Animals are sensitive and intuitive.
Hope you are excited and looking forward to your adventure, @turningthepage! :grimacing:


Animals can be very sensitive to the little cues we give of impending behavior. Do you have a new owner lined up for your cat - somebody he will be happy with?

My parents are his owners!

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