Do you think modern society is oppressive to women just in a different way?

It might not be her husband, but it might be the economy, her boss, How do we define oppression because it seems to me be a highly Orwellian term…?

Regardless of the times, people still struggle with their everyday life.
You’d think with all the advances in science, technology people would find their lives more simple- not more complex.
Even those who look like they have an easy life find things to complain about.

Money doesn’t solve the problems, it just makes them different.

If your human, you will find something to complain about.
Deal with it.

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Yes… oppressive to men, women… and non-binary people. :slight_smile:

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My brother’s wife earns more than him and he’s doing ok wage wise. I don’t think modern society is oppressive to women at all.

One anecdote does not make an entire concept outdated. The wage gap is real, sexism still exists, and men are still opressing women daily.


Here in the province of Québec, women have quite a lot of power. They now can have a great career as much as men. And we even had a woman prime minister for a moment. Maybe there is still improvement to get but I don’t think that women here in our society really have a reason to complain so much.

I could just think about our education system which is now entirely made up for young girls. It is now the boys who are forgotten here because the education system is denying them, how they are, because they have to stay sitting all the day like girls and they can’t almost not play anymore outdoor like normal young boys would. It caused a lot of mental illnesses and because of that, a lot of boys here take medications.

Alain Sorel says women now experience a double alienation in the Marxist sense because not only are they oppressed by their husband and children but now by their boss, their colleagues, the entire hierarchy of the workplace. So women are twice subjugated. It is like Orwell said; Freedom is slavery, slavery is freedom…

Wtf? Girls like to play outside, too. Perfect example of current sexism, though. Cheers for proving me right.

I’m not sexist and I know that girls also like to play outside.

But girls and boys are differents. Girls usually like more than boys to study, while boys prefer to play and to do sports.

Can you deny this??!!

Yes. You’re being sexist.


If you are thinking that saying that boys and girls are different is being sexist, than your argument has no value.

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Prove to me that they’re inherently interested in different things. Where’s your proof? Why do you think they’re different? It’s only because people like you treat them differently.

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My proofs are my goddaughter and my nephews. Also me, my brothers and my sister. These are my proofs. I could also talk about all the friends I had during my youth.

Girls and boys are different because we treat them differently,


Because evolution has given us different traits.


How many times are we going to do this?

If you don’t want to work,



So, people growing up in a society segregated by gender and with rampant gender inequality show differences? I’m shocked.

Different but equal. Maybe not in this life, but the next.

The word “oppression” is an amorphous word. A lot depends on how you define it. Everyone is oppressed by society in one way or another. They say that the key to solving a lot of the world’s problems is the empowerment of women, especially solving the problem of overpopulation. Most women don’t want to be used as baby machines, and if they have the power to resist it the world’s population growth would slow down. They say that an older population in the developed world couldn’t sustain itself because there wouldn’t be a sufficient number of young people working to pay their social security. However, I think modern technology has given us such gains in productivity that a small, younger population could support a more numerous, older population with ease. We will have the ability to produce all the goods and services we will need. The problem will be finding jobs for people so that we can finance consumption. Maybe in the future everyone will be personal trainers and life coaches.

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What I said about our society, I am not the only one who say it. It is a well known problem here and it is very often subject of discussion in the medias. I will certainly not pretend to describe the society in Québec as to be perfect. Maybe it is better in other countries. But we are trying to improve our society and we are doing our best.

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Not saying people aren’t working to improve the situation. I never said that. I said that you perpetuating the myth that girls and boys are inherently different is sexist. And I’m not saying you’re the only one. A fuckton of people do it. That’s the problem.

Also this. Seriously. It’s nothing to do with sex or gender. If you don’t want to work, find another way to live.

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