Do you think men find women more attractive when slimmer?

For me it’s kind of like there’s a max bmi that I find attractive and below that point weight doesn’t really matter. I have heard that some people like heavier people.

Alot of celebrity women look pretty average without makeup! Girls should be proud of however they look! J lo to me hides behind a bunch of make up! That’s the only example of a celebrity I can think of now!! I in fact do not think girls should wear make up! And a few extra pounds are normal!!!

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People need to stop idolizing celebs a lot of them starve themselves and many take cocaine to stay slim. Men too a lot of faa a mous guys take steroids. Plus many of them can afford personal chefs and top notch personal trainers. It’s phony

Most men prefer slimmer women, look at pr0n sites, what is mostly on offer? If men liked wide women, they’d be mainstream and not a niche. Me, I like a curvier woman, but I know I’m the exception rather than the rule.

My wife was about 61 inches tall, not slim(but I’m not either), average looks(ditto for me), not book smart(but street smart in a way that I could never be)

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i know if i got to know a a woman better and we get on well things could blossom but my range is probably up to a uk female waist size 18-22 (i’m not too keen on big boobs though) lol maybe i am getting fussy now, i am a male 38 waist with a little belly, i am a bit big but not too much i hope lol

I dont like slim women.
I prefer curves

Bit of a cliche - but frankly if they got a nice smile - and are not robbing bastrds that then go and say they are pregnant, and dont have the attitude of a common old tart, then ill happily have a relationship with them, whether or not they got the odd spare tire.

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