Do you think mania is a kinder term than psychosis?

Do ya ? 20 charharhar

well as far as I know, you can (but not always) have psychosis if the mania gets to extreme, you’ll have psychosis if you have sz, and can have it with extreme depression or even a psychical health problem… i wouldn’t say it’s a kinder term as everyone experiences their mental health differently… so my depression might be more extreme than your sz or vice versa. Am i making sense.


Well really I think psychosis is a good term for me.Cause I’ve been psychotic before a few times due to my sz.Even though it took the doctors a while to diagnose me.My doctor just told me I have sz last year.But I have had it all my life.Been in the hospital with psychotic symptoms before.Sigh.

Nope they are two entirely different things


Psychotic spectrum disorder?

Or even go old school and call it dementia praecox!

I don’t like either terms. It sucks that the word ‘psycho’ is in psychosis. Doesn’t really help stigma does it.


I have been psychotic many times but I have never had mania. Those terms aren’t even related.

Mania and psychosis are two separate issues.
Although one can become Psychotic during Mania.

Mania and psychosis are different. I become manic often, but rarely psychotic.
To me, mania is a state of feeling hyperactive, or my brain is just out of control. I get a lot done, such as cleaning, projects, and things like that. I become more social than usual and make plans with people I later regret. I tend to want to do so much, and everything at once. I start many projects and make many to do lists, charts, and plans. Usually, I can’t even handle myself when I’m like this and start to panic and let my other brain take over.
A psychotic state is like being completely separate from reality. Hallucinations, paranoia, delusions, being stuck in fantasy, stuck in my head, feeling like l’m not even real. Big difference.
TBH, I’m almost certainly manic at the moment, judging by how hyperactive I’m feeling and how wordy and long my posts are, tonight. I’ll probably stay up late working on projects and cleaning, tonight and feel like crap tomorrow.

the terms are different but can be tied, when i first got sick i experienced psychosis then i started losing sleep and became manic.

No. Mania is an evil term and an evil condition besides. I don’t ever want to become manic, if I can help it.


Mania ain’t nearly as bad as psychosis.

Nothing beats paranoia