Do you think it's possible to help?

The odds are pretty low. There is also the fact that if he has been doing very hard drugs for a long time he has likely sustained brain damage from it. How much of your brother is left at this point is questionable.

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No one has the answers to those suffering substance abuse.

My spouse and I tried to help his little brother who was smoking crack he used needles too not sure everything he was using

We took him to rehab introduced him to aa. Nothing stopped him from using. He was deeply damaged from both their upbringing in a child abuse household.

My spouse gave him tough love. His mother gave him religious love. His father gave him material money love.

My spouse called child protective service on him at one point cause he was high around his toddler child.

From that point on my spouse took abusive calls from his brother attacking him for doing that.

Throughout before when his brother was suicidal. He always called my spouse. My spouse always answered.

With tough love my spouse stoped answering. He blames himself for his brothers eventual suicide.

He wishes he would have kept the door open for his brother to call.

But it’s no one’s fault. Even if everyone feels it’s their fault. He was 30 yo. A few years younger than my spouse

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