Do you think it's possible to get a job without disability?

I don’t know. 202020


Normies manage to.

I think it’s more tough for those with disability to get a job than those without.

I’m reffering with people like us with some cognitive issues

I think some people manage to and I’m going to start job hunting again once I’ve finished my course…

Sure but you need the right job.
Thank to the illness I could do the night janitor or the lighthouse keeper. Now I work as my grandma’s caregiver 16 hours a day and I clearly see that a normie would become insane but I’m already therefore it is not a problem for me :stuck_out_tongue: .


my illness is such that I can’t work at all,
I love you @Indecisive , I wish you luck whatever you do,
may you live a content and happy life.

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I’m seeking for an internship. I was approved for two of them in fact (one I refused and the other I couldn’t take because I wasn’t in college). It’s possible to get a job without disability.

If you have too much cognitive symptoms, you can look for a job for people who have psychosocial disability (those who have schizophrenia for example). Here in Brazil, if you have schizophrenia, you are considered a person white psychosocial disability, so there are specfic jobs for these people. Maybe in you country you have the same laws.

Thank you a lot @Erez_Shmerling ! I also appreciate you and I wish all the best for you too! Things will get better, just carry on! Anything you need I’m here :slightly_smiling_face:

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What course are you doing ? :slightly_smiling_face:

Here, to get a dissability you need to pass some proves and interviews and it takes time and you have to involve some relative too, it’s not just the diagnosis…

Bsc(hons)computing and It, as a open university student.

At my current rate of progress I’ll graduate in 2yrs time.

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What type of jobs are they?

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I tried going back to full time work once and it was horrible. You need to be healthy. Can you try volunteering first?

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I don’t know yet. But they are probably jobs that won’t overwhelm the person.

I don’t know where to go… :confused: I never search for it

Pet shelter or hospital. Can you ask your doctor to give you a list?

Honestly I’d like to work/volunteer in the hospital

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Whats would be the task ??

Depends on your abilities I guess and what is demanded.
I am sure in your town -if you google (volunteer blabla for example) you’ll get a bunch of links.


In my town we have a volunteer centre and they keep a list of a few hundred opportunities.

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