Do you think it's best to be with someone with which you have very much in common, or opposites attract?

Opposite can be pretty perfect together.

I was happy n great with my x n we were opposite.

But if one person tries to change you or won’t let you be true to yourself or be the person you are and want to be then it’s not good.

I left to become vegan.

I think it can work both ways.

My current boyfriend is similar me in some ways.hexcept he is braver because he was

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Looks like most people are on the side of “opposites attract”. Interesting. My relationship is on the side of “birds of a feather flock together”. I guess.


My husband and I are very opposite - he’s into cars and business and I’m into writing and art. He’s audio and I’m visual. He likes seafood and Im vegetarian. Etc etc

I think the only thing we have in common is our taste in cars. We both like classics and older cars, but I’ll rethink new cars only if they are more eco friendly.

When he’s talking about something he likes, like cars, I can enjoy it as I enjoy his happiness. And he shares my love of birds and environmental issues not on his own but because of my interest.

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I think a little bit of both makes a winning team!

I feel so sad because I do let my schizophrenia get in the way of me having a woman to love.

Date the wrong women? Who are the right women in your point of view?

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I think your marriage works well because you know how to communicate with each other. The fact that you get along so well speaks volume. I dont think it has much to do with how much you have in common but it helps. I consider hubby my best friend. We have different tastes but our personalities are similar.

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You just can’t let schizophrenia do that to you.

You have a job, you work out, your always trying to improve, you have a lot to offer.

Women at work I think should be off the table,

And I’d try to date women more your age.

They understand everyone has baggage and probably have their own.

That doesn’t sound great, but I have lots of single friends and that’s just part of dating not in your 20s.

Do you have like dating apps and stuff where you live?

Change your preferences a little and see.

I don’t know man, it’s easy to see your situation and make suggestions,

But it’s hard to live out in real life.

Good luck.

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