Do you think if you daydream about being manic you've actually been manic in the past?

This is difficult to explain. I like clubland songs with a good beat, listening to them makes me feel a little elated and excited. When I feel like that I always think back to the times I got great enjoyment listening to music and the times I was manic. I so enjoyed being manic. When I listen to the same music I daydream about becoming manic again and how much fun I had. I have very fond memories of it.

Sometimes I don’t think I have ever been manic. Do you think o the feeling associated with mania is engraved in my brain. Do you think I’ve actually had to have been manic in the past to associate dance music with mania? If that makes sense?

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I don’t think so really, because it really isn’t just a random association you have. Mania is essentially racing thoughts. When you listen to music that’s fast paced your body and mind sort of speed up too especially if your moving. That’s what dance is for example, we try to sort of “move to the beat” our minds also move to the beat. The same way that listening to slow, calm, soothing music will calm you down and put your mind at rest; listening to fast, exciting, intense music makes your thoughts more intense…

This kind of fast paced lifestyle is known to be associated with (bipolar/SzA are known for having bad diets) high sugar diets, caffeine, red bull, cigarettes, drugs etc.

Lithium and other prescriptions can help stop racing thoughts but lifestyle changes are needed if any real health is to be gained. To be more balanced… Not manic, not depressed, but in the middle. One excess only leads to the other. What goes up must come down, but the goal I think is to be balanced in all ways.

You might now want to hear it but dance music is excessive in its nature. Lol heck even I don’t want to accept it and I still listen to it time and again, but the fact of the matter is it gets your heart and mind racing…

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