Do you think I have an eating disorder?

For those of you who have read some of my posts in the past, do you think I have an eating disorder?
My GP said I do but I’m too heavy to be seen by eating disorder services. I’m not sure if I want to be seen by them anyway as I have good physical health.
And I’m okay to eat so long as my calories are below 1000 for the day but I get really ill if I exceed that by too much so idk.

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I thought u were asking of anyone has a eating disorder so I voted no lol

idk jess, if doctor says that then idk, do you think you have? x

Eating disorders take many forms so it’s not that hard to have one. What you should ask yourself is whether you eat a healthy diet and do you have any body image issues that prevent you from doing so .

Yes, I have already told you that you sound like an anorexic.

Unfortunately, it kind of sounds like you do :confused:

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Yes. You have an eating disorder. Your doctor diagnosed you with one. Your relationship to food is very unhealthy and not sustainable. Not everyone with an eating disorder is at a critically low weight. You can die of malnutrition even if your BMI is over 20. My best friend in college had a heart attack at age 20 because of her eating disorder. She never qualified for services because her BMI was like 22, but excessive use of laxatives and undereating destroyed her body. I’m sorry you don’t qualify for services. It’s totally ignorant for services to only be covered for people under a certain weight. Do you at least qualify to see a therapist specialized in eating disorders?

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