Do you think I can make it


It’s now very soon before I move alone to a new country and start a full time job in a very large organization, I am excited but the fear of failure is filling my heart, could I make it, can it be the following scz success can I manage my stress and anxiety, doubts and irrational thoughts, can I behave normally with 3500$ a month plus plus, can I and can I. Lol, can I train people on subjects I already know, can I submit reports and do analysis, can I manage expenses and do purchasing… Theoretically yes I can, I can do most of the job requirements theoretically but I haven’t done that since before my onset. I am already having more speech poverty I don’t know if it’s because of the anxiety or because I’m feeling good and finally satisfied with how life is treating me finally. I just need a therapist I know, my doc says no but I’m sure it would help. I wish ill do fine and succeed in maintaining a position for at least one year.


I wish you good luck, you’re taking on a lot. I One of the first things I would do in your new city is immediately look for a psychiatrist/and or a therapist. I would get familiar with the help that is around you. Just kind of check out where the nearest clinic or hospital is. No big deal, but just in case.
I hope you succeed, I could never do a job like that in a million years. It’s normal to be a little nervous and scared. You must know a lot of stuff to take on a job like that. Tomorrow is my day to clean restrooms at my job. My job is a little different than yours will be. Lol.
I enjoy my moments of clarity and peace, when the symptoms subside but I don’t think I’m “cured” by a long shot. Peace and quiet is deceptive and whenever I think I have all the answers my disease rears its ugly head. If you think you can do this job, then more power to you. I find a lot of things I do start with the thought, “Yeah, I think I can do this”. The money sounds good. I sometimes surprise myself at what I’m capable of. Maybe you have a good shot at this.


I think you will make it.
wait, I know you will make it.
Yes you can!
and yes you will.
Best wishes to you.


Thanks man. It means a lot to take the time and reply. I appreciate everything you said. I am planning on finding the nearest psychiatrist and hospital just in case. This time everything is different as if I’m into a new world. I wish for peace of mind. Thanks again


Thanks @csummers. Thanks a lot


You can!
Have a plan B in case things get a little overwhelming.
Anyone would be nervous. You are making a big change.
Stay in touch with us-let us know how you are doing…
We are your cheerleaders…
You can do it!


It is pleasing to know there is unconditional support by people like you. Appreciate your comment so much. Thanks @bridgecomet


I remember fearing failure when I went of to college. It took me 5 years but I got my B.A. I did get pdoc help part of the time.
Just to say, hey, if I could do it, so can you.


you can do it mate. i have faith in you. have a back up plan just in case but then go for it with everything you’ve got. so long as you’re covered whatever happens will be ok. good luck