Do you think I can hook up some average the girls like this?


I am 24 years old,am from Malaysia


No girl is average. Some are better than others.


Yea,I think I needed experience…


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I don’t want no girls.

You could get some girls probably.

I need immortality and a happy life, not women.

Their cursed womb is the reason i am here and if i am to treat others like i want to be treated that means don’t go near it. If only my father had just ejaculated me into a towel or something.

Cursed cursed flesh womb.


Hey man,

I think trying to (pickup girls) is great for a young guy who wants to have fun…I’m 31 so I’m completely out of that stage.

Try some Neil Strauss on youtube and paperback maybe. You’d be surprised what you turn up and how there is a intricate process in communicating with women. You have to take risks and be very confident.


There’s a lot of people who seem this way, I’m trying to snap out of it. I want to look better day after day.

Great photo!


You should try being kind and considerate. It goes a long way if you just look out for others. Women see that and if they’re out of the bad-boy phase they’ll appreciate it.

I had a spontaneous crush on this guy who I had a short conversation with. He was easy to talk to and friendly. He only needed to be those things. He works as a lawnmower boy, so maybe I’m attracted to men in labor jobs (I once dated a buggy boy). Anyway just be positive and ask her if she is okay, that helps a lot.

I should have gotten his number. Now I’m regretting not getting his number.


Nah, im done with this place.

Don’t need no neil strauss or to talk to women.

Have all of the fun you want gentlemen, just don’t be surprised when your kid ends up being ripped apart by bullets in a world war.

Ill say it once more. Stay away from the cursed flesh womb.


Did you see the one where the being showed up and tried to get carl to kill linda hamilton?

That sounds oddly similar to the guy on the canadien bus system who thought he was decapitating an alien to save the human race from the invasion.

Tv is just so great. So entertaining.


Looking great maybe a good thing,but looking great and not being able to hook up so e girls is defitnately a failure…


I was pretty ugly and hooking up with girls. Then, I asked my psychiatrist if he could help me with my acne, and it so happens he had a friend who was a dermatologist. Then, I was lovely. But I got about the same amount of girls.



That’s awesome,I hope I could date and hook up some girls…


I guess it was a different culture and a different time, but seemingly I met gals I was supposed to meet. One thing, I had three younger sisters, two of whom adored me. They would hook me up with friends of theirs who were very eager to have me like them.



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Your a good looking person,it’s not strange that girls wanna do things for you…


I, as a female, do not really look at the outside, I look at the heart, at the love and bonding in the relationship. My current boyfriend is 300 pounds, but I do not see that, he treats me like gold., and I am not talking about spoiling me with gifts and spending money on me all the time, because he really does not have it to spend, but when he does get money, he does spoil me. I am talking about him not being afraid to teĺl me that he loves me, he massages the pain in my back at least 2 tices a day, he makes sure that he buys food that I will eat, because I am a fussy eater, do you get my point? I guess I am trying to say it is not what s on the outside, but what come from your heart.


SOunds like a hired slave lol!


I worship MY GODDESS too.