(?) Do You Think Doctors, Psychologists, Nurses, And Government Officials Look at Forums (?)

I Am Curious, Because That’s an Enlightening, Promising Thought to Me.

What About Everyone (You), Here on Thus Forum (???)… . … :100:

‘I Found it Hard, it’s Hard to Find, Oh Well, Whatever, Nevermind’~ Kurt Cobain

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I don’t think a lot of doctors and such browse the forums.

They likely don’t have time and I doubt it would benefit them.


What About Deeper Insight Upon a Much Confusing, Troubling, “illness”?.

My pdoc wanted to ko know what I was writting in this forum

I think that the talk here is often too superficial for that. And who wants to keep working without payment later at home?


:slight_smile: …<.><.><.>…Jus Sayin…<.><.><.>… :slight_smile:

I think that doctors and nurses get and have enough experience as it is. But maybe students of these professions since they are new to the field.

Well perhaps doctors and nurses browse a bit like skim through essential topics actually. Some of them.

Simply a guess…

Good Point!.

Why Not “professionals” (???)… . … :100:

What is, And isn’t “superficial” isn’t Fully Objective Although it Depends on The Individual

Mental illness infect doctors too
They may be here as patients even not as doctors :joy::joy::joy::joy:

'Why not professionals? ’

just a feeling that they have got a good enough foundation already. And continue to build on it in their work. But as I edited, perhaps even they browse through essential topics, but not too much time on that. They need to rest too. Whereas students are all keen to learn more as newbies in the field.

Yea Good Point,

We All Do


Talking About “professionals” in The Field of Mental “illness”.

We can agree to disagree on that superficiality can be somewhat objective, keeping in mind that usually more people agree to calll something superficial. I think the talks here are superficial for a doctor´s need in regards of learning more about the illness than they already know.

I’ve Once Said to My Therapist,

She Gets to Go Home.

Those With Mental “illness” Always Have That Illness.

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The Medical Community Hasn’t Solved The Puzzle Yet Though Wouldn’t You Agree?.

and they ain´t going to solve it by looking at this forum.

And Why Would You State That as a Fact?.

because much of it requires interaction with the patient.