Do you think digital art is cooler then drawing with pencil?


I tried to draw with pen now I am not as good as digitally… becouse I now always draw digitally and little by little. Feeling more precise with it


I prefer things to be unplugged if possible. Clocks, music, and I guess art.

But stick with what you like better.


I don’t think it is cooler. Both have their place. I do have to learn towards pencil though because that is what I use. :stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t think it matters just based on your preference


I think any art that matters to the person that makes it or the person who engages with it is cool, period. It’s not the medium, it’s the message.


I think both are cool.


I have arthritis in my hands but I love pencil drawing . Digital art is hard to do as well , but very time consuming . All in all they are both fun and enjoyably good.


I like both (as an observer of art not as a creator of art). I can’t even draw a convincing stick figure. :smirk:


sent you a picture hope you dont mind …


@sweldon001 I googled hex-bot. The robotic arm can draw for me! :smile:


Nice, I think depends on art if it’s cool , not tools it’s made of


I personally love toying around with Photoshop. In the summer I take trips to take pictures of whatever and then edit them.
Sometime I take pics of my cats or dog just so I can make a funny video of them, like making their eye glow and flash.


Drawing with pencil is the basic skill. It is like writing is the basic skill (before computer era), typing is only applicable to typewriter and computer.


I think both hold good and bad points.
The good thing about pencil drawings is that they look less edited, and that you can make them anywhere. The bad thing is you can’t really edit them.

The good thing about digital art is you can edit and tweak it to look just how you like it, the bad thing is it takes some of the authenticity out of it.


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