Do you think denial is the thing that hurts recovery the most?

I mean how can one get better if they are in constant denial, like I was? Im talking about mental illness, but also whatever you deal with day to day in functoning or thoughts or problems. If you have lost your mind or functioning you need to be aware of it first. Not to feel bad about it, but to better know where you are in your life and to make some improvement.



Denial and not being med-compliant because you are in denial…contribute to poor recovery.

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Meds may help, but ive always thought there are many other things that would help too. Such as all the other things many well people do to cope and live better could help us as well. Things were missing out on. Id rather not have this thread about meds. Theres threads for that. Im no believer that meds are only thing for psych issues. Love for instance, is much more powerful than meds.

I can’t look at all the bad stuff all at once. It would be too much and very discouraging. I have to be in denial a little.

If I faced reality I would never get out of bed in the morning.

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I rely on my family for this.

Like a couple of weeks ago I had some issues with benefits, and I was super stressed. I didn’t realise until my mother said that’s what triggered me off into an anxiety episode that lasted days.

Once I knew what the trigger was I felt much better.

This example shows that you can find some peace once you’re aware of the issue, and what you can do to overcome it.

Literally I was blaming all sorts of different things over the last few weeks on my anxiety levels being through the roof, but I did not even begin to consider the most important thing that caused it.

Just goes to show a sounding board is a good thing, as I was internalising all this anxiety and I did not feel good at all.


Thats overwhelming to me to look at to. I just think many of us being taught by others, “I took my meds, I did my part”, when theres hundreds of other things we could be looking into. I dont know what kind or help that is.

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Yeah, I see your point.

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I think structure and purpose is very important to recovery…when you drift aimlessly…that’s when you get into trouble.

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When i deny im an alcoholic - or im not mentally ill, thats when my risky behaviour sets in - usually with a slight delusion of grandeur as well.

Remaining humble - keeps me safer! lol



This is the chorus to my new song I’ve written…

I smoke too much
I drink too much
I joke too much
I think too much

I love ya too much
I love ya too much

I’m on the street I’m out of luck

(Kinda fitting, huh?)


To be in denial or insist on your delusions is worse than suicide. Even if there is a caretaker, victim that persists in denial will remain useless. The quicker decisive action is taken the better. Ideally countermeasures must be taken before psychosis even starts. Often there are subtle warning signs for decades prior.

Know your triggers. Take meds.

+++ Regarding structure to recover. I invented a mental memo to myself that I recite to keep focus. “Never dream. Weakness is sin.” These words have special meaning to me, particularly in their original language. Maybe someone uses similar grounding exercises.

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