Do you think Covid started the Age of Aquarius?

I mean it was predicted to come and there had to be some global change.


I mean is the virus ushering it in? There will certainly be a lot of permanent changes on society before this is all over. We will have new coping skills as well as advancements in the way we do things.

Could have something to do with it. I speculate age of aquarius started in 2000.

What made you choose that year?

Thats around the year astrologist predicted.

I would rather consider the global changes as an indicator rather than a number.

Nawww. Hippies.


i think the change into aquarius happened in 2012 with the end of the mayan calendar. Im pretty sure that started a new age. But ages last over 2000 years, so if anything we are just starting to see the new changes the age will bring. You are actually starting to see it now.

I’m hoping some of the changes are permanent. No one needs to commute to downtown offices. Those can be reconfigured as affordable housing. I think we should place tax penalties on businesses that fly and drive people around to meetings that can be held virtually. Significant penalties.Virtual schooling should be an option for all kids moving forward, period. Hard for a bully to give someone a swirly online, Yeah, there’s cyber bullying, but it will never measure up to physical violence.

Covid hasn’t been entirely bad.

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