Do you think being mentally ill is an excuse to abuse people verbally physically or mentally?

I get really wound up and have to take meds if I talk about the hands, the police especially. I wish I could just be ‘normal’ :fearful:

Sometimes it does seem like our illness sits on our shoulders like several tons of rock. I sometimes wish I wasn’t sz, but that was just a card I was dealt. I do have other cards in my hand.

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I don’t know what I am to be honest. Aparently ptsd with psychotic features. I just want to be a normal 22 year old. No problems with the police. My own hands. My life back. But no I’m living in hell and I think @Berru paintedo it perfectly how I feel (ps I hope I tagged the right person as my memory is like dory)

No, I don’t think it’s an excuse but, I don’t think they can help it a lot of times. I know, because my dad and I were that way for years of our lives and we honestly couldn’t help it. It was part of our illness. We were just extremely irritable, rageful and angry people and it was due to our histories of abuse and our mental illnesses. I’ve only recently, over the past 12 years become calm and mellow due to meds, yoga and meditation.

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Just be careful of him. He is quite literally unstable. You don’t have to be a heroine.

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My in laws feel i use my illnesses as an excuse for a lot. There are a lot of things i can’t do. Especially planning. My in-laws said they know i cant work so the give me a lot of chores to do for them. Most of it taking care of their animals

That person might think you are trying to kill them and feel attacked by you.

To them it is self defence!

That is relevant I think.

I would turn the other cheek maybe cause I am a pussy :smirk_cat:

I am not a violent person.

I have said to my family things about them trying to kill me…

I said it to my grandmother and it may of broke her heart that I believed the voices and delusions because someone said it was my fault she went to a aged care home.

I was never violent but I told them I believed these things.

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This guy just abuses anyone I really do think it’s for the sake of it.

Even so…

He could have post traumatic stress.

He could have agonising beliefs and delusions.

He might experience that every one is out to get him.

For people who have been diagnosed schizophrenia I think there is little compassion and understanding for abusive people with schizophrenia.

I am not saying the behaviour is acceptable but it could have its reasons.

Studying aged care I also learnt that it is part of care to try and understand and have compassion for symptoms this person may have.

He could be afraid and in agony and respond by being aggressive in self defence.

Maybe avoid him and talk to staff about it if it is upsetting you.

It is not acceptable or ok but I think it could be understandable and do we know his symptoms and experiences and beliefs …

I believed everyone was against me and I truly believed that even my grandmother wanted to kill me and pretended to love me and we were very close .

I was not violent but I truly believed they were all against me.

I say it again I think it could be a relevant excuse for bad behaviour.

I hope this guy gets some professionals to help him and that he can stop being bad behaved.

If he upsets you just avoid him as much as Possible and speak to staff about it.
I reckon.


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I think you are wise. I agree its not an excuse it’s an explanation.

No it’s not an excuse. Does it happen? Yes.

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I don’t think anyone should abuse a person by any means and have an excuse
However I admit sadly iv been abusive at times we prob all have towards friends or family. And we know and some of them know it’s the illness wreaking havoc on us
Knowing that your sick and saying sorry and even explaining that you weren’t feeling well isn’t an excuse it’s reality
An excuse is when u use it as a way to continue to do bad behavior because u wish it. There’s a difference between abuse and just not having your day

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