Do you think being mentally ill is an excuse to abuse people verbally physically or mentally?

There’s this man on the ward who is acting like a right prat. I believe he is unwell with sz but I don’t think it’s an excuse to behave the way he is. He is being very racist to the staff and patients and saying nasty things.

Well you know what… I’m 22 and I’ve had 22 years of bs and I’ve had enough. I stuck up for the patients and staff and told the guy where it’s at. Only because he approached me and called me a bitch for stanning up to him

I wasn’t aggressive I was assertive and the staff hi fived me


I don’t think it’s an excuse in that situation

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It shouldn’t be an excuse but it can be why it is happening and he isn’t aware of what he’s even saying.


I don’t think it’s an excuse, no.
If someone is very sick and/or delusional, it can maybe be understood, but they should never use their illness as an excuse.

My ex-bf was a downright jerk, and blamed his diagnosis all the time.
I told him on several occasions that it’s bullcrap. I have voices too, but I choose to not listen to them (most of the time, especially when it comes to things that involve other people), and I get angry too, but again, I choose not to act on it, and neither should he.
But saying those things just made him sad, which mad him angry…

If people are able to control themselves, they should, and if they aren’t, they should seek help or at least admit they need to better themselves, and then work on it.


Exactly and deep down every one knows what’s wrong and what’s right. Even when I threatened to stab the nurses in the neck in 2015 before I knew about psychosis I still don’t think that was an excuse. I knew better.

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I’m not saying every situation is the same but in this case I think this guy is just being a prat. Maybe someone who is genuinely scared and acts out in fear then I understand that. But just for the sake ofor it then no.

No but it seems to be a possibility that we freak out.

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It doesn’t mean it happens every day forever.

I know. But I’m not sure if he’s using his illness as an excuse maybe he’s too unwell at the moment to realise any of what he’s saying.

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I think he’s a little simple but still you can’t go around being mean to people for no reason. The staff didn’t say anything bad to me about me telling him where it’s at so I take that as they agreed that it wasn’t an excuse.

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I agree with you. All I am trying to say is he isn’t using his illness as an excuse. He probably doesn’t know he is even Ill. Is probably trying to defend himself or something. Not sure what is going on in his mind.

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I get ya. :blush: I don’t think he is purposely trying to use his illness but in my opinion he isn’t that unwell to know what he’s dking cause he knows its wrong he starts apologizing for it when he’s in a better space.

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Absolutely not!

One of my old friends used to say really horrible things to me and treat me like s*** most of the time.
He blamed his adhd and schizophrenia.

I’m sorry but I have a lot of bad thoughts about people but I know how to keep my mouth shut!

That friend is cut from my life! :scissors:️:scissors:️:scissors:️:scissors:️:scissors:️:scissors:️:scissors:️

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Totally inappropriate. Even when I was very sick in the hospital and threatened the nurse and hit a guard, I apologized genuinely for my behavior when I was doing better. I was having trouble with impulse control so they helped me control it with a couple shots of Zyprexa and restraints. There was still no excuse for it, but since I’m nice to them all the time otherwise, they knew I wasn’t being malicious.
Hey, princess, I can’t believe your hospital let’s you on the Internet! Ours doesn’t allow us access to computers or cell phones.

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It can could be.

Golly knows what he she believes about you…

Could have voices n paranoia n delusions about the person n that is why…

Yes I think it is relevant.

We should be nice but I think it matters.

There have been times when I was off my medicine and I abused people in a cruel and disgusting way. I was lucky I didn’t get seriously beaten up. I still experiment with going off my med’s even now, but I get back on them before I get out of hand. I didn’t take my morning med’s today because I wanted to be able to stay awake until about 10 p.m. so I could watch the OU football game. I always get my sleeping schedule turned around on the weekends. OU is playing the second ranked team in the nation. As soon as the game is over I will get back on my med’s. I do become a much calmer and less angry person when I am on my med’s. I am far more respectful of other people when I am on my med’s. Maybe that abusive, racist guy will turn into a much more respectful and kind person if he gets on the right med’s. In Narcotics Anonymous they say “you’re not responsible for the disease, but you are responsible for the cure.” Hopefully this guy will get on good med’s and see the error of his ways.


The hospital provides free WiFi. I’m in New Zealand Christchurch. When I was in Dunedin they had no WiFi and had a rule you could only use your phone in the phone booth because people were taking pictures of patients and sharing them with others for some reason I don’t know why you’d want to do that. Thone are the only two hospitals that I’ve been barr one night in timaru which was he’ll.

Yes I hope so too @crimby. Be careful playing around with meds :slight_smile:

No i dont think…but people with sz have so many problems on their own. They dont have time to hurt others.

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I went ahead and took my med’s. I was getting too amp’ed up.