Do you think being bi-sexual would make you more harmonious with others?

so sometimes i secretly wish i was bi. i have this idea that if i was attracted to guys i would be less competitive with them and instead of trying to measure myself against attractive males, i would actually be attracted to them instead. so instead of fist fights, it would be flirting, what do you think of this thought?


I think there would still be fist fights. Its not like you’d be attracted to them all just because you are bi.


There something to be said about @Lifer OP. As a gay man we don’t compete on penis size, nor looks. We want our partner / person of interest to be hot. I am never jealous of a guy being hotter than me.But I wouldn’t want to be Bi, that would mean I would have to choose one gender to spend the rest of my life with.

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I’ve had this thought too. Not that I’m competitive with other males, I don’t care. But it would be cool to be attracted to both genders.


I’ve been attracted to like 4 females in my life it feels sort of different to how it does to a man.

I feel competition easily when I’m in a relationship which is how I know I shouldn’t be in a relationship right now.

Competition as that is just so utterly destructive feeling.

We should be able to embrace each other instead of fight over someone.

It is really sad lol.


I know plent of bi people who are not harmonious at all, and plenty of gay/straight people who are. I think sexuality is a totally different thing from knowing how to communicate respectfully.


@anon83141956 Remember never to compare / compete with yourself to anyone. You’re beautiful. I hope you can really see that.


I do believe I’m a beautiful person, thank you :))

It’s just that when it comes to a partner I strive for personal perfectionist standards before dabbling into that field.

Otherwise I feel insecure…

:/// like so insecure that I go psycho loco.

@anon83141956 I think you’re insightful, and that is very attractive too.

@Lifer If the world was bi or even pan, I do think the world would a more harmonious world.


Aw thanks dude, I think you’re a warm person :slight_smile: very nice quality to have.


Liking guys is great and all but I think you’d still be competing with the straight ones over the girls and still not be competing with the gay ones over the girls. But I’d totally recommend a gay relationship if that was an option for you. Apart from procreation, I think gay relationships are easier.


@anon9798425 I :100: agree with you on that.


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