Do you think bedwetting can be a trauma response?

I’d stopped wetting the bed at night by the average age for doing so. However for the 1st two years at prep school I wet the bed virtually every day… During that time I wasn’t wetting the bed at home.Could it have been a trauma response? Luckily it had stopped by the time I went to public school.


100% can be. 151515

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Yes. It most certainly can be from trauma and stress

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Its also a hallmark of the serial killer, but this isn’t mutually exclusive.

In foster class, they taught us that bedwetting after age 7 is one of the main red flags for sexual abuse.

But it is also a sign of sensory dysregulation, which might make more sense in your case.

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I can dismiss sexual abuse. Sensory dysregulation does, as you say, make more sense. However why didn’t it also happen at home?

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Maybe you felt more regulated at home?

I was a bed wetter until the age of 12 years old.
I suffered from severe panic disorder

My daughter was being severely bullied in school in grade seven. Was wetting the bed every evening. Age twelve. We pulled her from school for the rest of the year and home schooled instead. It was like turning off a tap – she had one accident a week into home schooling and that was it.

Also stopped chewing her nails ragged and pulling out clumps of her hair.


I can remember being anxious and stressed at prep school to a far higher degree than I was at home.

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