Do you tell the doctor everything?

I tell them everything I believe they need to know to treat me, even if I am uncomfortable with what I have to share. Health and safety first.

What if they put you in the hospital? I don’t need to be.

If they do then I need to be there.

That’s what I thought the last time I was formally admitted. I was wrong, the doctor was not.

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I don’t know the doctor very much. He could be trying to get me out of the way. I don’t trust alot of people.

What would be the point of that?

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I tell my pdoc nearly everything, except when I have the desire to overdose on my meds when I am not stable. I am afraid if I mention that then she will want to take away those meds from me and put me on an injection.

I enjoyed seeing and talking to my old drs. I’ve only seen this new one through a computer screen and we talk for like five minutes. I talk to my therapist though. Honestly, I don’t have anything to talk to my Dr about. In the past I’ve been real open.

I tell my doctor and treatment team everything. So much in fact that I’ve been admitted to the hospital for some of the things I’ve shared. If I’m not honest with them then I can’t expect to get the treatment that I need… I just want to get better

I don’t want to go to the hospital they will put me on even more pills.

They won’t medicate you more than you need to be medicated. They know what they’re doing. And it’s definitely in your best interest (our entire community would agree on this on the forum)

if you are handling your mind enough, they won’t put you in the hospital but you HAVE to be honest to get the right treatment and dosage on your ap meds…please be open with your doctor.

Ive told my pdoc about all the crazy things going on in my head and she never put me in the hospital, and I have some stuff.