Do you talk to your voices

Sometimes I do, in the past it was more common, I might have made my meal in the kitchen and suddenly a voice might have come and said to me ‘make grilled sausage’, I ignored this voice.

Yes . I reason with them

No , that would be crazy :slight_smile:

my voices are like my friends… am i the only one who feels this way??

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No. I prefer total silence. If coerced into voices, I’d rather just listen & try to adapt to their style of intellect to prevent future suffering.

Wisdom precedes human intellect, so of what use are my words?

I feel this way too. Many people have created imaginary characters of their own inside their mind & often play within fantasies of their own - in my case, these characters are alive & have minds and feelings of their own, they’re self-animating. I don’t see the harm in it.

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I sometimes do. I usually tell the voice I hear to F-off. Or I’ll kinda quasi-debate with it. Like if I think in my mind I’m being spied on by a federal agency, it will say: “You are.” And I’ll say something along the lines of “Yeah, because I’m really THAT important. The feds would really waste resources and time on me.”

I find it empowering.