Do you take care of yourself?

Do you take care of yourself when something physical comes up? Like, if you have a persistent pain, do you ignore it, or go to the doctor? Do you feel you’re more or less likely to go to the doctor since your sz Dx?

  • Yes
  • Sometimes
  • Only when someone makes me
  • No

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If I become alarmed about some physical pain or symptom I often get it checked out. I have these pains in my lower back, but I don’t get it checked out. I think it is because I am about seventy pounds overweight, and all my excess weight is concentrated right where it will put the most strain on my back. I need to lose weight.

I have several physical issues and disabilities and feel like I’ve always got something wrong so it usually takes my husband forcing me to go to go to the doctor about anything. I’ve just gotten used to a lot of ■■■■.

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Sometimes I won’t take a shower until pushed by my family to do so. Before SZA I used to wash my face several times a day and now I barely do it weekly.

yeah I have had numb fingers for more than 3 weeks and now with the back pain, my sister made me go see a doctor. Otherwise I wouldn’t even gone. I am just sick and tired from doctor visits.

If I was a bit more experienced, I would not even go unless I need a prescription.

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I get every single symptom that comes up checked out promptly. I used to be an R.N., so, I know the importance of early detection.

However, I don’t take more than one shower a week and sometimes go over a week without a shower. I have a hard time making myself get into the shower. It seems to be too much work and bother. I change my clothes whenever I take a shower. And, I sleep in my clothes because I seem to stay warmer that way.

I live in a senior living community and I don’t seem to care what other people think about it all.

The last Dr visit was Feb 2014, when I had pneumonia.
It took two days for an appt when I called, then I waited in the dr’s office for over two and a half hours for the doc to come in.
The doc listened to me take a deep breath, then told me to go to the emergency room!
Told her I can’t afford the ER, it would cost about 8k for them to just prescribe me an atibiotic like she would, so why make a bill I can’t pay?
But you can die from this.
Not if you prescribe some antibiotics!
Then she said I had to get some lab work.
How much?
She didn’t know.
Is it necessary?
It’s to know if it’s viral or bacterial.
Oh, so it’s only for the record, antibiotic still same regardless?
Ok- no to labs.
She insisted I get labs, I insisted I would not.
Asked her to prescribe an antibiotic, and after much arguing she finally did.
I went to pick it up at a local walmart- it only cost 5 bucks!
All that trouble for a 5 buck prescription!
That’s why I wont go again.

Okay, but taking an antibiotic for a viral infection is what leads to antibiotic resistant infections. I’m surprised she gave in.

I’ve only been to a gp twice in the last 12 years . I got fed up with going and every physical concern being blamed on my mental illness.


I try take care of myself and I do so 70 percent. I forget to cut my tonsils and things. My mom normally checks up on me.

seems a little dangerous


Oops I meant toenails

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My doctor and I have a good relationship. I feel comfortable talking to her and I definitely go more since my first psychosis.

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