Do you take anything to help you sleep?

I am thinking of asking my pdoc for Ambien or something to help me get better quality sleep. Even though the Latuda, Risperdal, Trileptal combo I am taking makes me very tired and puts me to sleep, I have trouble ‘staying’ asleep because of the restlessness. I’m taking Risperdal and Latuda because I’m weaning off the Risperdal and onto the Latuda but the two together are awful. He gave me Vistaril to help with the restlessness and it helps a little but not enough.

Anyone here have trouble sleeping due to restlessness and do you take anything for it?

I got restless legs while sleeping on Latuda and went off the drug immediately…I couldn’t stand it.

I seem to have that problem recently. I just lay in bed for what seems like hours and according to others they can hear me snore. But I don’t remember any of it and it seems like I keep waking up if I do sleep. Right now I’m on 150 mg of trazodone. I don’t feel an effect but I’ve heard it takes weeks to work. However I have been on it before and it has worked. I am getting some hours of sleep so I’m not scared I will die of exhaustion like how I was when I stayed awake for 5 days straight.

I take 100mg Seroquel. If I take anymore, I get restless legs from it.

Have you been tested for sleep apnea?

I have immovane if needed.
(zoplicone? )

Im grateful to have it because not getting sleep can make you psychotic and give horrid symptoms.
So if one is having a “rough patch” one can take that as a aid for a while.
A day or so might be enough.


I was using a phytotherapy medicine called: passiflora incarnata,
maybe this can help you.


Medicinal use


One review found support for P. incarnata in anxiety disorders.
Other review found the evidence insufficient to make any claims about health effects.

Possible interactions with following medications:

Antiplatelets and anticoagulants
Monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MOA)

P. incarnata may increase main effects or side effects of medications listed above.
Pregnant or breast-feeding women should not use P. incarnata.
The effects of the plant compounds on reproduction or on unborn child
have not been tested yet. The consumption of this plant may prejudice
the ability to drive and use machine.

No I haven’t but maybe I should get checked.

I take 9mg melatonin every night. It seems to work. Been working for a long time as long as my antipsychotic is on point.

I take seroquel at nights. Helps me stay asleep.

Thanks for all the tips. I see we don’t have anyone taking Ambien. I’ll try one of the OTC suggestions and see how it works for me before I get a new Rx for something.

I have my own pharmacy at home.

Quetiapin for sleep every night

Melatonin to fall asleep
Alimemazine to stay asleep
Imovane to fall asleep
Nitrazepam to stay asleep
Oxazepam if anxiety keeps me awake
Valium for severe anxiety

I combine them depending on the sleepingproblem.

Yeah I take tons of coffee…really helps me sleep!


I think the klonopin helps me sleep, even though I take my second dose at 5-6 pm…still helps regulate my sleep cycles :thinking:


I was taking a natural medicament called: “passiflora incarnata”

You should give a try.


I take melatonin and Trazodone to help me sleep :slight_smile:

I’m on temazepam as needed. I hate using it as feel like a zombie the next morning. For other help in that area goggle “sleep hygiene” and really research it.