Do you take abilify at night or in the morning?

I take it at night.

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Morning 151515. When I was on a stronger dose of Abilify, it made me gamble a lot. Now that the big money pile is gone and I’m on a low dose… Not so much.

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Abilify stimulated me. I got a significant gain in physical strength when I took it. In fact, they had to take me off of it because it got me a little to amp’ed up. Talk to your pdoc and see what he or she says about taking it in the morning.



Can you explain the abilify-gambling phenomenon?

I’ve heard of it, just not sure how it works. Was it just like any other addiction where you get compulsions to gamble?

It’s actually my biggest fear about being in abilify.

But I hate gambling… I just don’t want to get caught up in some b.s.

Well @mikev0882, I was trained in the area of investments, trading and financial risk management. I was also licensed. I knew what to do and what not to do. All of that was before the onset of schizophrenia in my 40s. I had a portfolio worth around $1000000 that I managed. Once I was put on Abilify I lost all fear of losing in a trade and could only see the potential win and I disregarded all of the risk management methods I had learned and ceased to apply them. Abilify turned me into a gambling junkie that kept looking for riskier and riskier trades until all my money was gone. I didn’t realize what happened until I learned about the Canadian Abilify gambling class action law suit which I joined. I now firmly believe that anyone living with schizophrenia should be required to have a professional trustee manage all or most of their money until certain requirements are met that should include being in the recovery phase for a period of time.

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I’m didn’t even count those zeros.

That’s why I won’t buy individual stocks.

Actually I almost cashed out my portfolio when the DOW was at like 23,000.

My financial advisor talked me out I’d it, thank god.

So from here on out I only take out what I need.

Actually he said ‘take out what you need for 3 years.’ I took his advice, this was back in June I think???

My ex doctor prescribed it in 2 doses
I used to take 5mg Abilify in the morning and another large dose in the evening.


They have me take mine as soon as I wake up since it makes me restless, I take cogentin at the same time to balance it out.

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