Do you suffer from anxiety?

When I was on Abilify, my Anxiety levels were through the roof!

I have generalized and OCD. Not much social anxiety. I have times when I am not comfortable around certain people, but my anxiety is more of the intrusive thoughts and worrying about how things can go wrong.

Xanax helps. Exercise and studying help too. The more I do, the less my anxiety bothers me, this is because the more I do, the less the anxiety provoking things exist. Example is an exam. Anxious if I don’t study, then the more I study, the less anxious I am.

But before meds and therapy I was not okay. I didn’t have a good strategy for coping with anxiety, and I was also less mature. A lot happens from 18 to 23.

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who else finds that aps are not the best for anxiety? I wait a little bit a relief from my zyprexa on my social anxiety and paranoia but it doesn’t help me for now…

They don’t call me AnxietyOrange for nothing.

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Social anxiety and agoraphobia…

I have sleep anxiety I worry about how good a nights rest I have. Because if I have shitty sleep I hate facing the next day.

I suffer from anxiety and I feel like lots of the people add more problems to the reality and then there’s those who never react even when they should. I feel like my mission is to be a ranger who needs to affect the world in the right direction.

I have some sort of obsessive thoughtdisorder. Lookingforward to finding out what it is with my therapist in January!