Do you suffer from anxiety?

I experience generalised and social anxiety also maybe mild agoraphobia.

  1. Generalised anxiety
  2. Social anxiety
  3. Panic disorder
  4. Agoraphobia
  5. OCD
  6. Other
  7. No anxiety disorder

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I have severe social anxiety

This question makes me nervous.


Other includes things like specific phobias ie fear of heights/dogs/spiders/clowns/travel etc .

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You joking or what?

Were you joking? It was hard to tell. Sound of boot being put on the other foot.

Yes, I was joking. Two people got it.

thank god i dont have those…

I have social anxiety. And just anxiety wich makes my heart beat fast. Im thankfull for days i have no fear. But i always have fears about everything in life.

Hmm ,

e(Y)e Am Naught Sure That What e(Y)e Own / Have is Actually Your Normal Anxiety … ,

e(Y)e Do Get Realistically Nervous About Peeps Intentions When They Act Unreasonably Stupid … ,

It Frightens Me When Someone Pulls Out a Knife and Looks At tha Knife Lyke it’s a Supreme Sexualized Creature … , IT IS ■■■■■■■ DISGUSTING … ,

Back to tha Topic at Hand … ,

My Anxiety Comes From Tha Thot of Being Entrapped to My Own Death , Be it Physically (OR) Sycologically … ,

Tha Connectivity of Sorts , Ideas of Reference , Being Inside of a Computer Program , Where tha Programmer Sends Out tha K9’s to Splice My Rotting Flesh Bones … ,

So e(Y)e Tend to get Nervous … ,

So e(Y)e Suppose it’s " OTHER " … … …

Social Anxiety Disorder (aka SAD) It makes my heart rate increase in social situations. Sometimes I shake, and it’s harder to breathe…want to run away…don’t want to be looked at…

There are two SAD’s, it’s gotta be confusing.

There’s also Seasonal Affective Disorder

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I thought it was kinda funny that it’s “sad”… :blush:

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Ahaha, yeah I found it ironic too.

I have a lot of generalized anxiety this morning but I don’t have an anxiety disorder diagnosis, I think it’s just my sz.

My former pdoc told me that sz is generally accompanied by anxiety

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I’ve been dogged by bad anxiety since I was fifteen. I had irrational fears before then.

I am hit with 4 different kinds of Anxiety - OCD, Generalized Anxiety, Panic Disorder, and Agoraphobia

I voted ga and sa. I wonder about agoraphobia for myself though, but I’ll stick with just the 2.

Edit: a lot of my anxiety is a side effect of abilify I think.