Do you suffer for your art?


Yes, but I’m getting tired of it.

I think I need a long break from creativity.

I have no artistic abilities.

I took a break from photography and writing for a while. I was stuck on a loop, doing the same things over and over again. I’ll wait for my creativity, I have patience

Nope. Not intentionally. I’ve nearly been killed by a storm one time. Gave myself good frostbite another time when I snowshoed out to a remote location in a blizzard and discovered one boot was leaking moisture. The suffering was entirely accidental.

Those who think art requires suffering are usually MI individuals with a distorted worldview. I find them annoying.


misery breeds creativity

Activists, philanthropists, women scorned, men on the streets, you name it, all of these people will and have suffered for their art, and I have never found them annoying. Far from it, I find them courageous.

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I’m actually recovering from a back injury caused by sitting at a loom all day weaving. And I can’t wait to be healed up so I can get back at it, I love fiber arts!

Not really suffering, I see it more as work. I enjoy the process and I think creative endeavors can be a great distraction from the voices. I agree that misery breeds creativity too.

Whenever I get creatively blocked I switch things up or take a break.

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what kind of art do you create @77nick77? I’m a graphic designer

I like to dabble in songwriting…

It’s funny. When I’m bummed out I write happy songs…and when I’m happy I write sad songs. But I cannot pen a single word unless it is married to a melody from a guitar or piano.

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that’s so true, Patrick, because we know what we need, us old timers.

When I’m down, I write jokes, or a comedy.

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