Do you still get gov support money if you work part time in your country?

In estonia they want you to work part time. Its easyer to get gov support money that way.


Yes if you do below 16 hours per week and a certain amount of money earnt per week. I Forgot the number (UK)

I don’t get any money from government but yes in UK it’s possible but it’s dependant on each case

On SSDI I have to make less than $1180 a month in the USA to keep it. Or else you lose it.

Yeah Australia is rubbish. It used to be good and you could live on unemployment but these days it’s so much harder. I’m on a pension and that is better but it’s still something that is just above the poverty line.

For me there’s no incentive. If you earn coin it goes against your pension so you get less. If you earn too much…which isn’t a lot you lose it all.

It’s not a choice and it sux. It seems the issue of the modern world!

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We dont have disability money … neither we have part time job…!!! But i am crying i freaking love my country…!!!

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Hey @far_cry0 . Some perspective from you and my heart bleeds for you!

What we have is so much better than what you have to deal with! It just isn’t fair in any shape or form!

I’d be the same. Much respect for Nepal! And also for you my friend!

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Thanks @rogueone…!!!

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they should really just give everyone a guaranteed income regardless of whether they work or not, and do away with ssdi and ssi. that way a person wouldnt have to worry if they were unable to work, but if they wanted could do some kind of small part time employment and not lose their guaranteed income like they would with ssi or ssdi

just my two cents


Here you don’t.

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In estonia if you dont work and if you are not officially looking for work…or have a baby under 3yo…or take care of an elderly…you get no support money. But if you work part time or full time with small salary you get guaranteened support money.

I think it’s possible in Israel to work some and still collect disability benefits.
I can’t work, and I don’t collect disability benefits.

I have no financial problems though.

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