Do you steal peoples nuances

I am a thief of peoples little nuances in conversation and whatnot. If i like something I see, I mimic them in later situations.

None of my actions are original, rather than a stolen collaboration of identity…

Do you do this I heard mimicking could be a symptom of SZ…but I definitely have been doing this since around the time of the onset.

We all do that to some extent.

If you write a lot, sooner or later you’ll find your own voice. I’m still working on it.

in real life im talking about

I think you’re being hard on yourself… everyone is original because everyone’s very being is the only one like it in the world.

It just depends on how well you know yourself I guess. My therapist who’s 50+ says people usually don’t know who they are until the second half of life.

" action imitation is a primary building block of social abilities,” said first author Katharine Thakkar, who conducted much of the research while completing her doctoral program at Vanderbilt and is now a post-doctoral fellow at the University Medical Center in Utrecht."

Great article! I actually studied books on acting to mimic normal human affect, although I just thought of it as “playing normal.” I watched a lot of movies for the point of watching how emotions looked on other people, and I would try to mimic them. It was a conscious attempt at trying to fit in.

I got sick of being lonely at my work. Despite being surrounded by other pizza delivery people and restaurant staff, I found myself isolated. I began to experiment with “faking normalcy and sociability.” I managed to become friendly with another video-game playing loner who worked as a driver, too. A few waitresses became amiable towards me, going out of their way to stop by and say hello. It seemed to work, and I have been practicing my acting chops ever since.

I still struggle with this, one friend said I was too quiet and not social. Another friend said the same thing. The thing is, the first friend who said that has no idea I’m mentally ill. So, I’m borderline passing.

Apparently, according to the article, the more you mimic, the more they like you. I would guess that it must be a good advantage to automatically mimic people! Possibly a sign of high functioning schizophrenia?

Everybody does it. Search for mirror neurons.

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