Do you stare at people?

I was just thinking if there is something wrong with me :thinking: or is this normal?

When I was on the island - during the Gala dinner they got two performers who were dressed and painted like certain mythical creatures and they were topless. I mean I do not even care if they are topless really but I was starring at them for like a long time. then I realized and thought ‘what is wrong with me’

Even on the beach there were lots of people and I do not really stare at men :confused: But I stare at women and see how is their body shape and judge them in my mind but like my eyes are designed/programmed to stare at people in a perverted way. I hate it!

I stare at people and usually women but not in a sexual way. I think it’s just so interesting to see the acts that people put on. I think the acts are more obvious in women so I watch them more. Don’t worry I think everyone does this. I’ve known a lot of people who people watch,

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Only during that vacation :thinking: I think I was drinking too much too. It was weird. Maybe it is my illness. I do not stare at my friends at all or anybody. That was the last time, maybe because it was on the beach. And women also like to put on a show I guess :smile:

It is not in a sexual way at all - more like observation :confused:

Quit staring at me!!!


I don’t stare at people. No.

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I’d stare at that to be fair. :confused:

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