Do you speak to your brain?

I tell mine to shut up!

Is this a tautology? How do you speak to your brain, when speech itself is generated by the brain? Maybe I’m missing something. If you’re referring to auditory hallucinations, however, I cannot comment on that as mine come through as being external.

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i sort of do but not directly, like i will ponder over things in my head and come to conclusions about things etc, i dont talk to myself as a person its more than that, it is my spiritual side that does the most important bits but it is not just another voice, it is an integral part of my psyche and i believe it guides me through this life, also in dreams it connects to so much more than just me, i believe each dream helps me even the bad ones and i can also connect with passed loved ones as well through dreams.

I talk to myself out loud only very rarely, and if I do it’s usually just a short ‘no’, or ‘right on’. But in inner speech I talk to myself a lot. Especially when things aren’t going as smoothly as I want them to go, inner speech helps to direct my actions, it is a great means of (self) organizing. It can bring some order into issues where thought is quite chaotic. Hence, when psychotic I use it a lot (read: all the time). Though it can be helpful ‘when the chips are down’, I think there is also a downside to exercising this faculty too much. As a means of directing my actions, it comes with a more or less reflective attitude. Which in turn prevents me to get into that state of ‘flow’, where you do not reflect but just act smoothly. There is some feedback loop either way here.