Do you speak to your brain?

If so, what do you say? I say “stop” a lot, also say “yah right” sarcastically.


I say stop when my brain is swimming and I can’t sleep.

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I talk to my brain all the time… it calls my name… I try not to… but eventually I do answer.

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I tell it not to fart. excuse my language. sorry. judy

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“Stop” is the most common one for me, sometimes “shut up” or “no” or whatever.

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At the height of my psychosis, when the voices are out of control and I am alone, I cannot help but to talk and yell to make them quiet down, but even that does not help. I find a good crying session into a pillow helps and when I finally calm down, the voices calm down not gone, but better.

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I talk to myself at night. It usually starts with seeing my reflection when I shave. It’s my mind versus my brain. My brain is not okay, my mind knows what is up.

Last night it went on for too long, last night was rough.

Yes, its usually when I have voices and say ‘shut up’ or ‘no I am not a hypocrite!’ etc

I don’t usually speak to my brain out loud with medication I don’t have to luckily. I do however use a safe word like people in the BDSM community use. If my thoughts get into a negative spiral I will say my safe word in my head. A safe word in BDSM is a tool for the Submissive to tell the Dominant to stop. It helps me even though I do not like pain, so I can’t be a part of the BDSM community.

I read Leopold Von Sacher-Masoch’s Venus in Furs in college. It doesn’t cover safe words, but it is a good place to start if you are interested. 50 Shades of Grey is a cheesy place to start.

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Yes I usually say ■■■■ you brain or shut the ■■■■ up brain or what the ■■■■ are you doing brain

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Bdsm is dehumanizing in my opinion. People into that are ■■■■■■

Some people like it. Like anything, it can be abused.

Just because someone likes it doesn’t make it right…
It’s totally ■■■■■■ up. I have no respect for people into that it seriously is not good for the human psyche.

Girls have asked me to choke them during sex. … or to smack them in the face…
yeah ok let’s do that because they like it let’s abuse that person because they said it’s ok…

Obviously there way worse ■■■■ than that

That’s a subject I’m not willing to discuss. But now you know what i think of it.

I’d rather turn down the cure to schozophrenia than take part in that bull ■■■■

Tonight I’ve been telling my brain…

That’s not real…

The sneaky brained thinking is trying to grab hold… there are some old bad habit cravings that are trying to kick in…

so I’ve been telling myself all day… “Stop… switch it up… we’re not dong that.”

I have NO idea way I’m thinking about drinking… but my stupid brain has been remembering the “good” times. (that weren’t so good) I’m Ok… There is NO alcohol in the house… I’m not going to drink… but I’m wondering why my brain is craving.


The fact that your brain was … actually … you :stuck_out_tongue: ! Because of that , you really can’t talking to it . Maybe you was mistaken with self-assure or you just in a effect of schizophrenia :relaxed: .

Yeah , my brain also speaks to me lol. It’s like an inner dialog. Sometimes helpful sometimes not

I don’t think I ever stop talking to my brain. It is like we are two unique individuals who seem to mostly get along, but we really have to debate things before settling on something. I always thought that this was normal until I discovered I was ill. :heart_decoration:


My brain torments me. I hate my brain. I like my mind, but I hate, hate, hate my brain.


I used to work out problems in my mind alone and in my own thoughts. Now I speak to hundreds of souls per day as they just keep moving through me and then get packed away in another part of my mind, this is never ending. I don’t mind them and they are never badly done, so the conversations just keep on coming as new things are learned about them.


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