Do you speak alone

I often speak alone, there maybe many reasons for this.

I do from time to time. People used to give me crazy looks when I would talk to myself and ask me why I did that. I was just like, Oh dont mind me! Just doing my own thing!

I did it when I was in a psychosis. When I started to take meds, the habit of talking to myself disappeared.

I talk to myself all the time, do it every day. My husband comments on it a lot, he often asks me what I was saying.

As long as I think I’m alone I talk to myself and I can’t help it. When I take my antipsychotic it seems to tone it down some, or at least I say happier things. I worry that there are voice recorders picking it up, because I say things I wouldn’t want people to hear. I got crazier somewhere along the line.

Yes, in my case I speak alone mainly when I try to resolve some problem.

When I am incompetent, I will talk to myself to give counsel.