Do you skip your meds on days that you drink? is that a good idea?

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i love alcohol but i dont drink it ANYMORE :cry:

I know that alcohol is a depressant acting like a weak benzo by stimulating GABA receptors.

i have a kid that says fasting is important and flushing it of you can drink on that day only. me i just don’t drink. i take heart meds and can’t fast.

Meds build up in your system over a period of time. I don’t see the point in skipping them for a day. It won’t make any difference to the danger of drinking while on meds.

I do not believe in skipping, I’ve been advised that I’ll feel drunker on smaller amounts of drink and so I generally keep it for a special occasion and don’t drink more then a shot.

Alcohol make me tired and drowsy and depressed. Maybe bcz of sz and bcz of meds. I won’t risk having positive symptoms for alcohol, not worth it.

I think skipping meds is absolutely the wrong choice. I take my meds even if I have a light beer. I just don’t drink more than that so it’s not a problem.

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That’s what I call a sad story.

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I drink most days and still take haldol and trazodone but that’s like a 6 pack of beers if I drink any more I don’t take them. It doesn’t make that big of a difference but the next day after I don’t take them I get super creative and excited then I take them at night and it goes back to normal

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I don’t recommend drinking with meds it’s bad for your liver but I do

When I used to drink I usually skipped medication because I would get serious interactions that made my head really foggy the next day. Even if I just drank a couple of beers close to medication time I could feel that I got interactions. It basically made the next day less enjoyable. Now I have more or less given up drinking and I think it was a great move, especially considering I have to take meds every day. My days have more quality over them without alcohol.

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I dont drink alcohol anymore, not by my choice in order to live with my mom Im not allowed to drink or do drugs even though I enjoy drinking. When I did drink I would still take my meds with no bad effects but I dont recommend it it could be a toxic combination

Drinking alcohol while on psych meds is not a good idea.
Don’t skip your meds.

Yes i skip them. Its just one day.


Basically you want to know if you should not take your meds and get drunk instead?

I’m sitting here racking my brain r n