Do you show respect to people who don't respect you?

it is hard but i don’t like to have anything to do with people who aren’t respectful to me or who are disloyal friends.

i just find i am always in these entangelments and they are hard to get out of.

i feel very put down by it all.



I used to let people step on me. I had a very altruistic view where I was kind to people and let all their negative social actions go unanswered. People would put me down even though I gave them no reason to. It got worse after I had my first episode and started anti-psychotics. My mind was clouded and I was not in a state to defend myself socially. If someone got wise with me I had no response.

But a few years ago I just had enough, and now I let it shine through that I am hostile if I’m dealing with people who have hurt me in the past and have not apologised for it. Part of the story is that I was also able to get to a lower dose of ap’s and able to see the world with more clarity.


This. Like 100%.

I had absolutely no “protection” after psychosis-- everything was very raw, and I think people picked up on the fact that I was a little “off”.

…Or perhaps the people who I’m referring to were just dicks.

Either way, I feel you on this.


I just ignore and avoid them unless they improve.

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i also try to avoid these kind of people – the steppers.

only i don’t like to have to assert myself.

i don’t like it at all.



i show most people respect, i think that’s something they drilled hard on me in the army that you always have to show respect. I don’t think i came across people that didn’t respect me though, but i’m not sure since it’s hard for me to read that.

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I am quite forgiving, and patient, but if someone does not like me I don’t want to run after them, since they don’t like me. I don’t want to be around ppl who don’t want to be around me.

If someone triggers me in some way then I try to create space. Until I feel that that trigger feeling is gone.

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Yes and no more

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Yeah. I still show respect. But 20 years ago, when my in laws were mean and abusive, I didn’t show them a ton of respect. I would defend myself and stand my ground. But I didn’t yell at them or call them names or anything like that

I dont. im more of a give respect get respect type.

I’ve given up on being friends, where it seems to me respect plays an important part. I guess true friendship is being able to forgive each other when you screw up.

I’m not really sure what respect is though. I kinda think it’s not beating each other up.

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lol :slight_smile:, yea I think it can be interpreted in different ways, @mike1

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