Do you shop on Amazon?

Do you read the reviews before making a big purchase? I’m buying a fan for my bedroom and want to spend $40 to $50. What do you do when there’s great reviews-but also bad ones? Do you go by the bad ones?

I saw a fan that got 5 stars by 81% of the people and one star by 3% of the people. The bad reviews said this fan was a piece of junk but 81% raved about how good it was. Would you buy it because of the good reviews or skip it because a few people said it was a piece of junk? I’m having a really hard time deciding. Would you not buy something because it got a few bad reviews?


I trust the majority of the voters on amazon…


The tricky thing is that you can buy reviews now. I tend to look at the 3-4 star reviews and see what those people had to say. They tend to be the most informative as far as the actual pros and cons.


That makes sense.


I buy books from Amazon.
I look at the reviews of others.


People can be really fickle when it comes to reviews.

I will check the stars, but rarely read the reviews

Did get caught out on van insurance once where I didn’t check the reviews and when I came to cancel it, I pretty much lost all my money


I use Amazon a lot but I shop for me and pretty much sold on product and getting it way cheaper internationally. I will have a read of the reviews but have found them hit or miss. It usually doesn’t affect me much when I choose to pull the trigger but I think most four or five star reviews over a few would be enough to help convince me.

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I shop on Amazon for birthday presents and Christmas gifts for my family. I don’t read reviews.

I take the reviews with a grain of salt. I was once offered compensation for a five star review. Another time I was asked repeatedly to change my review.

The great news is that Amazon has great return policies


I buy from which is in Belgium more popular than Amazon. But it’s the same concept.

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yea i buy on bol too. sometimes on amazon.

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I shop on Amazon. It would be a good idea to maybe compare other products and read the bad reviews both have. Sometimes for an item there is a newer model with an improvement made, some more recent reviews explain it. Maybe read voth the good and bad recent reviews. The other thing is that Amazon has a decent return policy so if you end up not being hapoy with your purchase you can go to a FedEx store, get a box and return it without too much of a hassle.

Not only can you buy positive reviews, you can buy negatives. I recently purchased a new cookware set. There were mixed reviews, but a LOT of recent negatices that were really bad.

I already own one pan from the brand and it was great, so i went with my gut. But the many new negatives worried me while i waited for shipping.

Turns out all the negatices had similar info and none of it was true. Things like “thin metal” “handles get burning hot” “pans twist in the oven” and more. ALL of the negative reviews mentioned these things. Red flag when the language is so similar, that it’s paid reviews.

-edit- the set is great and just as good as they say!

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Last time I ordered from Amazon I paid $26 shipping. That’s one of the things I don’t like about it but I don’t leave my house so I get groceries there. I mean I leave my house maybe once a month. I have no problem with their products and customer service is good.

I read some reviews of 5 stars, 1 star, and in the middle, to get a good idea of the quality.

Sometimes, people are paid to leave 5 star reviews, so I take those lightly. I try to read reviews that are honest, with pros and cons.

If it has 5 stars and 81% saying it’s good, I would buy it. There will be bad reviews in almost every product.

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