Do you shave your pubic hair?


I don’t. And I don’t care. I like hairs. You?


Do you mean pubic?


Lol. Yes 666999


Some people find it disgusting. Not me. Anyway, I have no intercourse with women. I have no libido and I have mild erectile dysfunction. So I don’t care much


Why do you want to know about other people’s pubic hair? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Fascinating topic


lol. I know it’s kinda silly. But I was curious. I don’t look after myself, and that proves it


No I don’t, I don’t really care either


Your death avatar is cool. I like Chuck


Yeah, imagine how good they would be with him still around.


The band was getting more and more technical with every album. I wonder what else they could do if Chuck was around


Trim it like every three months. Don’t use an electric razor down there near ur scrotum area omg pain. No I don’t shave it but I trim it every few months just in case.


I like symbolic very much. All albums but especially symbolic


I really like their album “symbolic”, and “individual thought patterns”.


When you translate pubic hair into german(deutsch) it means hair of shame.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

This is just funny