Do you sell your belongings to get by?

I’m on ssdi and my income is limited.
Had to buy a $125 prescription that broke me this month.
I received my money on the 3rd and now I only have about $100 left till next month.

So I’ve been selling stuff each month on ebay just to get money for basic necessities.
I’m running out of stuff to sell.
All I really have of value is a sports card collection and a nice bike.

How do I stop this endless cycle of poverty?


Yeah it’s tough. You thought of group housing or cheaper government models? Rent is hard. Don’t get me wrong I live with father. I do well and can save on a pension but it’s a hard cop without family support.

Yes. I have months where I’ve been skint and had to sell stuff to get by. I know your pain but look for government or charity assistance. You can save money on food if you get vouchers or deal with charity. You may be able to save a lot there. Yeah it’s shite. Your diet becomes bland but it’s amazing what a bit of rice and protein can do for you!


I was stuck in a similar position so decided to go to work. It isn’t so bad once you get used to it again.


Well I live with a family member in their home so no rent.
I pay all the utilities and buy gas for the car we share.

I do want to work again. I just don’t know where to start where the stress level isn’t so high.


If you’ve energy logistic chains are good work. It’s process work. You work in a warehouse and you do the same thing over and over but it usually pays well and you can live inside your own head whilst you do it!

Do some research before your selling everything!


You could volunteer for a bit to get used to the routine. Or you could do what I did and work as a temp for a while. I did that and got offered a permanent job. It was good as I was able to test it out before committing to something to make sure I was comfortable with it all.


Thanks for the advice.
I guess I need to pull myself up and do something productive.
I should have finished school.


I live with Parents and have nothing to pay for. I guess I’m lucky understanding your position versus mine. I still feel restless and end up doing nothing. I think happiness is relative. I must be happy but I find myself unhappy. Thanks for your post. I wish I could be some assistance. My Father says he is saving for the future. So, I can’t be of any financial assistance. But, I have some amazon books on my kindle software. I can help you with digital books that I already own. Some of those books will help Schizophrenics but, I am unable to read any book.

I didn’t finish Computers Graduation and later didn’t finish Dual degree Masters in Geology.

My qualification is just 12th standard in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.

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I have done. I spent a whole year without any income whatsoever as I was too afraid to go to social security (I thought my ex husband would steal my identity if I did so - a delusion). Ended up selling the entire contents of my home to survive and even stole vegetables from a neighbour’s garden to feed myself, as well as accepting food donations from a local shop, neighbours and charities.

I live with family now too and am on a disability pension. Have you drawn up a budget? Some charities do free budgets for people that are struggling.


You can either increase income… Work for pay, or reduce expenses or both. After 16 years of not working I went back to work. Although I was a CEO of a tech company before diagnosis with schiz my first job going back to work was at Home Depot in the hardware department. I had zero confidence but somehow I was able to do it. The best and easiest thing to do is work. Reducing expenses is harder to do. Stay out of restaurants - they increase your food bill by 2 to 5 times the cost if you eat at home. Rent is difficult to reduce. I dropped my rent from $1700 a month to $450 by living on a small boat. The first step is to make a plan. Next, each and every day do something to implement your plan and before you know it the cycle of poverty will be broken.


Good to see you around.

Been a while.:slightly_smiling_face:

I live with family and do not have to pay rent right now and am helped a lot.

When I was a smoker I was always broke.

I couldn’t afford things if I did not get help I could not afford things I have now and there’s no way I could afford to live where I am now.
It’s sacred to me here and expensive to live here.

Hope you will circulate smoothly and not have to sell your things.

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Ever wonder why people always end up on the “edge” whether it’s payday loans or living paycheck to paycheck or in this case selling a few items to get by. There are a lot of people with no savings.

Now to get savings you have to do a budget. Then you have to analyze what you can afford and adjust your costs, mostly housing. This is quite simple if you take the time to do it.

@nfy if you need help making a budget or managing your expenses I can help, just msg me. I was an accountant before sz


Here’s a basic monthly budget for everyone


Always over estimate on expenses if you don’t know exactly. You want to end up saving 10% of your income at a minimum


I’m going to start applying for some jobs.
I downloaded a job app to look.

As far as the budget is concerned, I would like to cut out the cable TV.
That would save $60 and next month the phone bill is dropping from $150 to $80 since the smartphones will be paid off.

So that’s at least another $140 for the month.
If I could get a part time job I might be doing OK.

Now what do I say to an employer about restricting hours without bringing up sza?

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Just ask about what hours you’ll be expected to work and chose to take the job based on what they say.

Don’t bring up anything about different hours or sz


OK that sounds easy.

I need to keep ssdi or I can’t afford my meds.


My wife and I did that several times when moving from private let to private let before we got a council place.

I live with a well-off husband but I am quite poor myself. If I had to divorce I’d have almost no money and would have to return to my parents. I get scared if I’d have to cope on my own. I’d like to be able to but don’t know if I could. I don’t think I could work for long with my sza. I rely on my husband for food shelter and clothing.


Do you have to buy food? My sister is disabled (she’s crippled). She makes extra money by face painting at fairs. She also makes dream catchers and sells those.

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I buy food but with my husband’s money. I’m in charge of the monthly budget. My own bit of money I use to buy books or art supplies or I save up.

I could paint pictures and sell them but my motivation levels very low and struggle a lot to keep up with my dormant dreams.