Do you seem suspicious

Do you get the feeling people are suspicious of you wherever you go like you a sneaky criminal waiting to hurt or steal things


i feel like people think i sell pot because of how i look tbh…or drugs in general i guess. ive never even taken drugs

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When I see cops or enter unfamiliar stores, I’m scared they’ll see me acting nervous and think I’m up to no good. The thought makes me nervous, and I start acting even more nervous, haha


I know people are suspicious of me. On this website people have told me they are. But in the real world I know people are because I always am wearing masks and stuff cause of my asthma and allergies and my general fear of getting sick.

It happens to me a lot
I went to buy a hat for a baby, and I did not find it in the store, and the salesman looked at me as if I stole Because I act suspicious and told him in a weak voice that I was sorry but I could not find the right size(he glanced at the bag and said “feel good”) and wherever I am I feel tension from people, especially people who do not know me’
And I always feel that they are either laughing at me, or afraid,
I’m either walking or sitting, always looking back and sideways to see if anyone listens to me, so it must look suspicious

I don’t know if people are suspicious of me, I can’t really tell. However, I know I’m very suspicious of other people!

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I dont, but one of family has that happen to him(for real).

I think it is that he is very tall, and tends to pick darker colors in clothing most times.

His hieght catches their attention? Then they think he is “shady” because of ghe clothes?

I dont know why really, but he certainly gets followed by store security and stopped at doors often.

He willing opens bags and inside out pockets. I would not be so patient or pleasant.

I know for a fact he does not take things. He just attracts attention.

When I was 6 I stole a mars bar. I felt so guilty that the next day I went in and bought two mars bars and stealthily put one back on the shelf.


@anon20613941. That story made my day. :slightly_smiling_face:

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