Do you see sz as a neurological developmental disorder?

As in, do you think you were different from birth and this was always going to happen. I had a great childhood dont get me wrong, but I was probably a bit different. Do you see it that way, or would you say it is environmental due to things like stress?

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I think my one was a combination of both. But had I done some things differently then I don’t think I wudda got it. Like genetics on its own I don’t think is enough for me. Even if I had an ill uncle or so.

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I think if it was considered on a wider spectrum like autism, help for people with sz would be better, and more focus could be spent on what led you into psychosis. Treatment could be aimed more towards stability and coping mechanisms.

Some of the defining symptoms are context sensitive, which seems to me to speak against the neurological claim.

Edit: this was a little bit too quick maybe, since I was answering a slightly different question. Are symptoms of schizophrenia reducible to neurological factors: I don’t think so for the reason mentioned. Can neurological development predispose you to them? I think so. So maybe I should change my vote :sweat_smile:

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Yeah I know, it is not inevitable, like twins dont have to develop the disorder, but who knows, they might have behavioral problems that could lead to it too they just have had an easier life. That might be quite far out there as a statement I know, maybe purely hypothetical, but I think the illness might affect you somewhat, even if you dont have positive or negative symptoms.

I Don’t See SZA as a “disorder”.

I Can’t Fit into Current Society, Civilization, & Culture.

The Puzzle, Negative, Problematic Abnormal Way it is, Right Now.

Until The Dawn of Hope, Love, & Peace Arrives,

(!!!)…<.><.><.>…(!!!) I’ll Do My Best (!!!)…<.><.><.>…(!!!)

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Yea, it is what it is. Tbh I can’t really separate my lifestyle choices from my genetics cos maybe they inevitably go hand in hand. :frowning:

I mean if I could go back in time I could change those lifestyle choices but that’s not really an option

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Well it depends on which age you get it, how severe are your symptoms and the presence of negative symptoms. I read on Wikipedia that it could be called a neurological developmental disorder.

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Without doubt I was different, but that only became a little noticeable when I started going to prep school. By the time I got to public school; at 13.75, I was seen as a suitable person to bully…

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I had a wonderful childhood. But my family and teachers spoiled me too much. The shock came when I entered Uni and left my home town. Suddenly I was treated as an adult and I had to deal with cockroaches in the students’ dorm, among other things. My first girlfriend left me too. I experienced anxiety and depression. I soldiered on but never recovered. And at 30 I had a psychotic break. How much of it was genetic and how much due to stress is debatable.


It could by anything. Its a catch all for insanity.

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I don’t see anything as developmental disorder. I have always thought differently to most others. That is not a problem.I also have Asperger’s and am highly intelligent.

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I said no but thinking about it further I’m not sure. Some studies have shown that cognitive and developmental changes were found in toddlers who later developed schizophrenia and things like that.

But that’s not the case for everyone I don’t think. A lot of people had absolutely normal childhoods until their illness kicked in.

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I was never that normal . That became increasingly apparent as the rules for social engagement became more and complex in moving from child to teenager.

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I have been thinking more about this, the heritabilty of sz is very similar to the percentages you get from the heritability of autism. So maybe it is less a genetic disposition and more a problem developed from birth. Less as though you are susceptible and more so it probably will happen.

50% environmental, 50% genetic. But as it’s impossible not be stressed in life, this thing must happen someday.

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Schizophrenia is classified as a psychiatric disorder but I feel like sometimes it can affect you neurologically.

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