Do you remember when you were young

When you were young and new to the toob

You knew it was all ■■■■■■■■… you had a kind of ‘■■■■■■■■ barrier’

But you watched it more and more and it became more real

You lost the ‘■■■■■■■■ barrier’

The ■■■■ on the toob seems real now, we used to be wise kids

Now we are … what… we buy the ■■■■ the toob sells us

We are good consumers


When I had my ■■■■■■■■ barrier, i would ask myself ‘what is the purpose of this?’

I don’t thing we are born enjoying the toob

It’s just there is nothing else to do, and we watch the ■■■■

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True, as a child my mother wouldn’t let me watch tv. I think it was a nice decision.

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It’s hard to avoid, when you go to school and want to fit in, the kids would talk about the crap they watched on tv…

Did you ever wonder what were the reasons your mom didn’t want you to watch it?

True, I had issues fitting in because of not watching tv. Oh well, I can watch vintage tv for the first time ever now…few reruns for me - lol.


I wasn’t allowed to watch much TV at all growing up. My mother had pretty bad untreated OCD and the TV was part of it. But I’m actually glad for it. I still don’t really watch TV and that’s probably for the better.


Yeah I remember when I was young climbing trees, running, playing outside in the dirt it was so fun, energizing and we used our imaginations.

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I don’t watch much T.V. at all. I didn’t watch T.V. ever for six and a half years after my son died. Lately, I’ve been watching a little bit of Spanish language T.V. But, only that.

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I wasn’t allowed to watch anything with violence, cursing, or revealing women. Which was dumb, because I was allowed to watch the Spanish news and there is like no censorship of any kind on there.

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I shone like the sun.
I used to tell myself, “Shine on you crazy diamond.”

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I wasn’t allowed a games console growing up. Now I’m a 34 year who plays video games. Lol


If it werent for yhe news i would not have one.

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My mother used to tape all the Sunday morning children programs and we used to watch them after we got back from church.


I remember a little bit of when I was young. Bits and pieces. But, not much. I was very abused as a kid and as a young woman so, it is all a blur today. And that’s probably a good thing. Or I would probably have PTSD.

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I remember the warmness of my mom singing to me in the cradle. It’s my earliest memory. Some colors, a few shapes, and a really nice sound flooding my ears. Sometimes I wish I was there again, to get away from this psychosis ■■■■. It’s starting to hit me harder and harder, and the meds aren’t really keeping up. Unlike when I was a kid, and one dead-end lot in a Midwest town seemed like the whole world. That’s another thing I miss, when the whole world was just what I could see. Now there’s the actual planet, and all the people on it to think about. I can never get them off my mind, and sometimes it feels like they’re literally in my mind too.


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