Do you remember when the greeting was "How do you do?"?

How do I do what? The answer was always “Fine.” which answers the newer question “How are you?”. But it makes me think humans are always curious and wanting to learn from someone. So “How do you do?” today. I’m letting the Christmas spirit get to me even though I’m a Bahai. Can’t avoid it and wouldn’t want to anyway.:slight_smile:

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Deep thoughts !

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Don’t baha’is believe in Jesus anyway?

Whas up @chordy?

i think it is as another poster stated, humans do stuff.

action seems to best describe people. whether mean or kind, running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off, or slow and steady winning the race.

with much effort would be the correct answer. however i’ll say, ‘Fine, How about yourself’?

Oh, surely. In fact many Bahais hold the idea that our founder is the reincarnation of Jesus. Anyway, I was a Christian in my childhood, so Christmas is still in my blood.

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Just me being me.

Well, you’re probably better at being you then anyone else.


I’ve wanted to be other people at times but it’s a waste of time and I usually find out that the person I wanted to be was not really better off, just fooling me.


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