Do you remember when McDonalds had dark meat chicken nuggets? I do. I miss them

I just got a sudden and strong craving for them.

Googled it and found they had been discontinued in 2003.

Do you remember?


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Can’t tell the difference between chicken vs fake chicken.

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I don’t care what they were made of,

They were sooo good.

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KFC battered > MD nuggets

Would be nice if they made plant based fried chicken.

Do you really think it’d be good?

Yes… it’s all about the batter, crunch, fried oil.

I never liked the veins on a drumstick… grossed me out.

You have blasphemed in the presence of the elders :crazy_face:


Might as well just fry tofu and dip it in sauce.

That’s delicious.


Breaded and fried sounds great.

I would try - but its a waste of oil (takes way to much oil to fry) to make at home.

Never heard of these and i know i was eating at mcdonalds in 2003 lol

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Yeah, half the McNuggets were always dark meat.

They were my favorite.

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McNuggets have meat in them?




i dont remember the dark meat nugs
but i remember when they had sweet and spicy bbq tenders a few years ago. they were soooo good better than anything idk y they stopped them

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