Do you remember the worst day of your life? Tw

Worst days of my life were probably middle school or high school.

Homework stress was the worst thing. If you have homework piling up its like feeling like you’re in debt to the mob. I wish I’d seen a Councillor the stress was really not healthy.

I have lots of worst days but I’ll mention just two.

When my grandpa died. I was 11. I loved him so much.

When I lost my baby. She was anencephalic. She had no skull or brain. All of it and all of people’s reactions were just horrible. I’ve had horrid things done to me but this was worse.

The worst day of my life was when me and my 2 brothers got called to the principal’s office and social services took us to a foster home…
Best day of my life when i moved out of my 4th foster home in 1 and a half years…i moved into my dads

My worst day was March 7th, 2011. Fully psychotic in NYC. Ended in an ambulance and at a psych ward for the first time.

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Probably when i got broken into - and had my ear bitten off. There was blood everywhere with a piece of my ear on the floor. For some god-knows reason i refused to go to the hospital so had a copper sit by the door all night until they could get hold of my social worker.

I was drunk at the time thank god - but when i sobered up the pain was unbearable.

When i finally got to the hospital he had broke my hand as well.

Still pissed off i never got any compensation - cos i had a record.
The bloke got 3 years tho.
It was a big reason i moved town.

I do know my worst day.


I don’t want yall to think of tragic things, when you think of me.

I’d prefer that you think I try deeply to do right, and that I’m of encouragement to you.

I truly try to treat others how I’d like to be treated. And, yes, I have off days. If you need me, I’d like to think I’ll be there.

Take care. :hugs:


That sounds terrifying!! Man I wanted to try lsd at one point. I think it is just too dangerous with our conditions though.

I can’t pinpoint a single worst day of my life. I had a lot of worst days before I became stable on meds. Just constant pain, fear and misery. I could never escape it.

Heck if you want to ruin my day just change my furniture around!

I would pick one, but each day seems as if it keeps getting worse.
I’ll just keep my trap shut .

Mine was getting thrown in a solitary confinement cell. Bad stuff!

Worst day of my life is hidden for me now. But it s really worst day of my life. :broken_heart:

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