Do you remember the worst day of your life? Tw

It was the day I got sick and hospitalized for the first time. Suicide attempt. July 31, 2008.

Things haven’t just been the same since.

August 27th 2011, a Saturday, I think. Basically, lost touch with reality for hours. Ended up ruining my life from substances. One could say it was a hell of a trip because I’m stuck in this insane time loop for eternity reliving my life.

Sometimes, I think I actually died because I felt like the Mayan Prophecies were coming true or were real at one point of my life even though I never bought into that ■■■■. I always thought that stuff was baloney. I guess August 2011 is close to 2012. Anyways, it’s just a theory. It could have been a million other things that caused my health to decline.

I try to make good memories and have put the past behind me. I still have bad days, but I’ve learned to focus on the good and so far so good. My worst memory is long gone.

Ebb and flow friend.

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I think it (my suffering) mostly had to do with what I posted online on Facebook around 2011. I really can’t remember exactly what happened and I might not want to know or accept it. I probably posted a bunch of stupid crap while drunk or blacked out or something. My mom said I posted something strange but she can’t remember because it was 8 years ago.

I still have dreams, visions, and nightmares about it. It haunts me to this day. I had over 200 “friends” on Facebook at the time and was in university.

I think I posted stuff like that we lived in a computer simulation and that the world ended many times and ■■■■. Not sure what happened next. I think people couldn’t comprehend it or understand it. This was pretty out there for 2011. No Elon Musk or Nick Bostrom (he did the proof before that but not many people knew about it). I guess I got it from an episode from “Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman.”

Since I keep going back in time and time traveling and maybe even going back sometimes in the future, I keep posting weird ■■■■. So I made it a goal or a rule of mine to never go back to my former university for my own safety.

I thought about weird ■■■■ like MK-Ultra like stuff that happened to me but there is absolutely zero proof or evidence. It seemed a million times worse than MK-Ultra… I’ve dropped out of that university thousands, millions, or billions of times. Not to toot my own horn and ■■■■ but I did graduate there with a math degree a few times. I’ve also had some drama there like them hacking my grades and giving me Fs and ■■■■ and fake grades of classes I never took and failing them. I got some dreams/nightmares about this recently, but this did happen in other universes. I was harassed, stalked, and ■■■■. I try to avoid them like the plague.

The worst day probably was the first day I began to be sexually abused by my step mother at age 6.

Or maybe the time I had to be hospitalized at the same psychiatric hospital I worked at.

Worst day was when I was temporaily paralyzed.
Horrible, but relieving day: when I was clinically diagnosed with MD.

tw molest/sexual harassment
not really the worst of my life but bad enough for me to talk about
I know I’m gonna leave this site so I will go around a little before I leave
When I suffering from depersonalization,
My mother molest me, I told my psychiatrist my mother said she didn’t do it
when at home she admit “I molest you with good intention not in sexually way!”
My father alway agree with my mother
so only one person left is my sister I tried to ask for help
and sister said mother already said I’m crazy and might try to frame her
I’m ungrateful children who try to frame parents
one day I have fighting with parents and I bring it up while my sis still at home
so after that she(sis) treat me nicer but with doubt
all people in hosital believe I try to frame parents
they acting different at home and outside in front of people
I’m a bad person and liar, one of reason I won’t go to hospital anymore
I refer this to explain my Haphephobia
but doctor said my trauma not enough to cause the phobia
I probably just delusional psychotic
sorry if I offended or anything

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That was pretty rude of them, someone should have taught them some manners.

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My older brother did a lot of acid. When it was good it was really good, and when it was bad it was really bad. One of my worst days came after I went on an eighteen day drunk in the army and missed a major field problem. They extended my time in the army so I could do thirty days in the stockade. The day when I had been previously scheduled to get out I was in the stockade in close confinement, sobering up after an eighteen day drunk. It sucked really bad. But I think just about any of the days I was on 40 mg of Haldol daily were worse than that. Taking that much Haldol is pure hell.

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When you did acid on AP’s, did it make your positive symptoms worse? I really want to do acid again.

Don’t do acid on antipsychotics.

It will block the hallucinations so you may feel a bit of euphoria but it’s not worth the uncomfortable headspace!! Really if you have sz there’s no need to do lsd. Lsd kind of induces schizophrenia, as a temporary affect. Psychiatrists in the 50s took it and checked themselves into psych wards to learn to empathize with their patients.

I took shrooms in 2014 on abilify and it was maybe the 2nd worst day of my life ;). Or at least top ten worst. It really messed me up. The next year and a half was such crappiness.

If you’re seeking a high, I dunnno what I can say without breaking rules here. If it’s a spiritual journey and personal growth development enlightenment experience you’re looking for, I’d say you can find that more in being healthy

Acid and antipsychotics was the least fun drug combo I ever did next to shrooms and abilify.

Hey man, if LSD with antipsychotics was a good combination I wouldn’t be discouraging you. But it’s really a bad thing to do. Hallucinogens and schizophrenia really don’t mix. I just don’t want you to regret it. I say this all as a friend not as a civil obedient citizen or pseudo role model or anything @Skatchatoon

Thanks man, it was a whole bunch of drama after.

this isn’t stupid stuff. It’s all true. If people don’t want believe you, tell them to do the research!! especially your mother!

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@ninjastar, please don’t lock this thread. please.

Cointelpro was also a program running in the states in the 60’s

anyone sympathic to civil rights would have their flat ransacked

things stolen from them, broken, ripped apart, either the Feds or sometimes local
if they felt you were a threat to the establishment.

Some of this still goes on in today’s Brave New World of targeting.

my worst day was when I was fully psychotic on a vacation in Tenerife with my luggage on my back looking out on Tenerife airport in a hopeless despair full psychotic lost mind state, thinking I am in the real hell, words just doesn’t bring it justice to be fair

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To other countries, the states is Hollywood

make 'em a sex slave, celebrity, non-celebrity

the hardest thing in the gov device is forced orgasm out of the blue, coupled with electronic torture. sick, MoFu.

yeah, I’ve been thru it, and lived to tell. I think I’ll shut up now. Happy Saturday, they’re playing Boy George. ha.