Do You Remember the Voice In Your Head Before You Had "Voices In Your Head"?

(I’ll put this under “unusual beliefs” in case it gets too weird) Did it sound like you? Were you really in control of it? Was it something comfortable or uncomfortable to you? Did you enjoy pure silence when you had it?

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Mine was everytime I was working outside my neighbours or in the vicinity of someone’s house I knew I would hear the people of the house commenting (full blown talking about what I was doing)on what I was doing. Even walking by neighsboura houses when I wasn’t doing anything stressful I would hear them. Say things like ‘who is that walking’ o it’s italy’ he looks good must have been working out or they’d say he looks skinny no wonder his gf dumped him. They were also grandiose when I thought I looked good, I would hear girls saying as I walked by ‘wow hot’ or some might say ‘no way rank’ (like if it was two girls I’d hear the other one say to the other one )

One time working in a field at the bottom of the hill from one of my neighbours house I thought he was watching me from an old van parked outside his yard with a telescope. You couldn’t see his house even it was covered in tress it’s just this old van I could see, I thought he was watching me using a telescope and commenting on what I was doing. I was son convinced of this I flipped him off at the time then thought he knew about it because he was acting different the next time I was talking to him in real life

These were the voices before they actually became full blown real consciousness inside me. In a way they were even more uncomfortable because I was so anxious about them I could hardly work, I was just so worried about going outside to the shops or anywhere, glad that’s over now.

I really really really love silence now.

The voices when they became voices as in people, had three stages one; they would only come when I was in view of a camera. And I wasn’t able to talk to them I would just listen as they observed me, wherever I thought it was, then they’d come all over the house at second, except my bedroom where I didn’t think there were cameras, third stage they’d confessed to being able to see out of my eyes and I wa having long conversations with them, were then omnipresent as they saw what I saw.

This is not the way I wanted to write this it dosent even explain fully how it happened there’s so much more but I can explain it properly

My conscious voice sounded like me and I thought I was in control of it. However I had strange conspiratorical thoughts about society in general and years before my break I began to lose control of what I believed was true. For instance: Early hallucianation: You have a sister. (which I didn’t) Me: No I don’t. Voice: Yes you do. Me: OK I do. (end of conversation though obviously less in touch with reality than before.) For a time I sensed that others could read my mind but thought that was impossible. Eventually the voices stopped sounding like me, talked all the time and got much worse. Then I started taking pills voluntarily. And yes I used to enjoy complete silence but now since things have been noisy so long I don’t enjoy it now.

I heard my first voice at 5, so I don’t really remember a time without voices, no.

You are refering to what’s termed as sub vocalistion or self talk.

I had no voice in my head before I started hearing voices.

do you mean your inner voice? like your thinking voice? I still have that, its like a silent version of myself.

the voices in my head at some point started out referring to me in the 3rd person and commenting on things I was doing or was going to do.

It was just me talking to myself consciously during moments when I was alone. Usually in bed.

Yeah that’s what I mean.

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That’s interesting.

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oh ya a little bit: very logical, calm, productive, and genius-like. I would just be able to work without thinking too much or be in my head. Very rational and pleasing. Caffeine would speed up my thought processes and sometimes evoke anxiety but other than that, nothing. I was perfect.

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