Do you remember the order "Go to your room."?

It made my room a hateful place which it mustn’t be. A place to be alone should be a haven, not a jail.

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I was really antisocial as a child. When my parents wanted to punish me they would send me to the living room with no books.

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No, I never got an order like that. You are so right – your room should be a comfort.

I got that sometimes, but I loved my room. Often it was a sanctuary from the craziness of the rest of the house.

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I was grounded to my room for weeks at a time sometimes. So after school it’d be straight to my room then eat dinner then back to my room. It was pretty boring. Also used to have to stand in the corner for an hour or sit or whatever. Parents had to do what they thought was best for discipline.

My parents said when I was little they used to tie my door shut so I couldn’t get out at night cuz I’d climb out of my crib. They’d find me in the morning sleeping against the door lol

I wonder if this is why I never really like to hang out in my room I like to be in an open space living area

We used to have a lock on the outside of my brother’s door because he would sleepwalk right into the middle of the road and just stand there. And in college, when he had no one to lock him in at night, he kept waking up on rooftops because he is really into climbing and would apparently sleep climb. Now he falls asleep holding his guitar, and he just lies in bed playing guitar all night long.


No, but I remember: “You will see now”.