Do you remember some of this

Back in the day, high school, our teachers did what they wanted to do, had to study Frank Sinatra’s Watertown album in English class, all because the teacher was really into it. Today it’s all ciriculum.


They sound like great days.

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yea i had a teacher who used, god dam the pusher man as his. album

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Oh, still lots of problems with kids being forced to do what the teachers want. Google a site called “The College Fix”. Also, following curriculum is important. I saw the damage done to my daughter when teachers failed to.

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and we had to write a short sa on what we thought about the song

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One of my teachers keep teaching his own personal politics.


it may be a sign of the times, John

we didn’t have a lot of that in the 80’s.

I remember getting Mr. Borland, my algebra teacher

talking about his family. It was all homework anyway.

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ha! We had some real eccentric teachers

our history teacher was like a Walt Whitman genius.

I dedicated my first book to all my teachers.

I’ve always had an open mind.

I loved orchestra in high school. I played viola. We’d all laugh about things. Our teacher was awesome.

Ya it’s all liberal indoctrination. Kids don’t care about school, act up, and teachers teach to the bottom denominator. Everyone gets a prize for last place. No such thing as competition. Common core sucks. We need more charter schools and options to pay for private school. Unions ruin it and schools keep bad teachers.

We cannot compete with Finland, Singapore, South Korea, and china.

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