Do you remember Sarajevo?

My intentions as I’m posting this documentary about wartime Sarajevo are far from any political or ideological insinuations except those ones that aim to show how its like to be trapped and threatened and terrorized because of what you are and how its like to see the city of your life and your life as a whole falling apart.
This documentary, although is shoot by real people and amateur cameras - Inside of the beiged city - doesn’t posses any graphical or too distressing images. Of course you will hear bombs and such and see people suffering…but most of all you will see how people try to live under the unimaginably inhuman conditions.

Every similarity to the present situation in the world is intended.


I thought it was good, gave a realistic view how it has been there, we so often may forget what the real suffering is in these types of situations. I especially thought that their life in winter probably with no heat or electricity may have been quite terrible.